HMS Tornado Robotics

Robotics Club (September - December)

Anyone can join the club. It is for students who want to experiment with robotics and have fun spending time with other students who want to do the same. Students will be given access to VEX Robotics kits and be introduced to various challenges. Club members are not required to attend robotics competitions but are encouraged to do so if they are interested in participating in competitions in the future.

Quick Facts:

Competitive Robotics Team (September - March)

Students who are interested may try out for the team. If interested, speak with Mr. Johnston. Team assignments can change throughout the entire school year. 

We currently have two officially registered teams: 7676A and 7676B. The team letters do not indicate the abilities of the team (it’s not “A-string” or “B-string” - they are just letter designations to indicate it is two different teams in the same organization). 

Each team may also have students listed as alternates. Additionally, sixth-grade students may be selected to act as an intern on each team (they should take this position seriously, they will be responsible for carrying on the legacy of that team in the following year’s competitions).

Team Member Requirements:

Quick Facts:

If you are interested in trying out for the robotics team - email Mr. Johnston at or speak to him in person in room 217.

Team Shirts!

Order one now! They are $20 each. See Mr. Johnston.