The Next Generation of Contract Research for Neurology

Over 90% of neurological drugs fail to make it though clinical trials.
Why? Lab rats make for poor model humans.

Epiloid Biotechnology is a contract research organization,
specializing in pre-clinical 3D human cerebral organoid assays
for novel neurological pharmaceuticals. 


Pre-clinical Human Tissue Studies

Our focus is on providing quality pre-clinical human insights into drug efficacy,
giving you more confidence in taking your lead candidates to clinical trials. 


Cerebral Organoids

Our flagship assays provide efficacy measurements of neurological drugs in our 3D human brain tissue models. We evaluate Electrophysiological Responsiveness, Toxicity Screening and Cell Viability, Target validation and single-cell mechanisms.

Stem Cell and Neuronal Cultures

We profile cell growth and development in cell monolayers to assess toxicity-related markers of drug effect. This encompasses Mitochondrial Functional Assays, Neurotoxicity and Cell Viability, ATP Content Assays.

Rodent Models

To assist IND filing, our organoid assays are controlled against gold standard murine models of neurological disease, including In Vivo and In Vitro Electrophysiological Recordings, Acute and Chronic Drug Tolerability and Toxicity, Phenotypic Observation and Behavioral Testing. 

Additional Support

Our team is ready to tackle any specific challenges you are facing in characterizing your drug response. Get in touch today to see how we can help.