Scholarship + Testing Date Guide

The ACT is not just a state test for our juniors, but also a free attempt at reaching their desired score for college entrance. There are a number of scholarships available depending on the student's ACT score. Below is just one source for these scholarships:

It is vital that students prepare for the ACT beginning their freshman year, so that by the student's junior year, s/he feels as prepared as possible. Students are not penalized for taking the ACT multiple times, therefore, we encourage students to take it often- with intentional skill work between each attempt.

Suggested ACT testing schedule:

  • Freshman Year- begin working in a weekly ACT prep and/or vocabulary builder, in addition to the ACe iT Plan provided by the math coaches.
    • Take the National ACT in June following freshman year.
  • Sophomore Year- focus on the student's weaker content areas with direct instruction- utilize resources that will build skills and strategies, as well as the ACe iT Plan to continue weekly practice.
    • Take the National ACT in December, February, and June. After each test focus on a weak area to improve upon for the next test. Make sure to incorporate daily reading through a resource like Read Theory or NewsELA.
  • Junior Year- complete the ACe iT Plan and work in at least two other areas of prep for the ACT.
    • The student should take the National ACT often- October, December, and February. The student should again evaluate the lower areas and try to improve upon those areas between each test.

At Epic, we are unique in that we have coaches specific to subject areas, as well as to the ACT. Using resources from each source we will ensure a well-rounded prep program paced for our students.