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Remote Learning Updates from Superintendent

Please continue to check individual building websites and/or other communication from your principal and/or teacher(s) for information regarding Remote Learning activities.

Login to Clever

Clever makes it easy for students and teachers to access all online learning programs, files, and resources from one place. Additionally, many resources in Clever will automatically log the student in. Click the Clever Login Page button or the Clever icon to log in.

If your child is prompted to login to an app once in Clever, hover over the black info icon on the app icon, if available, for login information. Additionally, try using your child's Google credentials. If you do not know your child's credentials or continue to have trouble, please contact your child's teacher.

In each student's Clever portal you will also notice links to specific teacher pages. Click on the teacher's page for additional resources, apps, and links for your child's class.

EPD86 Remote Learning Plan

EPD86 Remote Learning Plan