2nd Annual

Battle of the Books

Here are the Teams:

1. The Beasts- Sophia , Jawaad , Zayd , Jade , and Valeria (4F)

2. Wonder Readers-Madison R. , Willow , Serena , Tessa , and Ella (4A)

3. Midnight Clan- Ari, Kaylee, Luana, Mischa, and Ayleen (4L)

4. The Ultimate Friends- Patryk (5P), Sullivan (5P), Anthony (5P), and Paula (5J)

5. Christmas Squad- Jailani , Tavares, and Filip (4L)

6. Bookmasters- Anthony (4B) & Joshua (4F)

7. The Underdogs- Damian , Jairus ,Fathima , Jacob, & Jadyn (5W)

8. The V Two- Valerie (6R) and Violet (6B)

9. Blackhole- Jayd, Nel , Melanie (6F)

10. M and N Club - Mia and Neda (5A)

Can't find a book? The Elmwood Public Library has copies of the books available. They are able to order/place holds for students. Make sure to check out their awesome EW Battle of the Books display while you are there!

Want to see the newest edition to Battle of the Books this year? Watch Michelle's video!