Membership Type Descriptions

A description of each membership type can be found below or in the EOA Constitution/Bylaws. Membership fees are valid for 12-months from the time of processing. (Memberships cannot be refunded or transferred to another individual.) Questions about membership may be directed to the President-Elect at or our Iowa Registrar at

Click here to view the Iowa TRIO Membership Handbook.

Active Professional Membership (Most Common) ($80) is restricted to (a) persons whose primary work (defined as 50% or more) is in the administration or general operation, inclusive of counseling and instruction, of educational opportunity programs and services, and (b) to professionals who serve in roles on campuses and in communities that indirectly promote education opportunity and the individuals served by such programs, e.g., financial aid professionals, instructors and advisors and other persons actively engaged in promoting educational opportunity programs and services whose primary work is in a related field of education that serves the goals and objectives of the Association. Active Professional Members are entitled to one vote and are eligible to hold office.

Affiliate Membership ($70) is available to alumni, retirees, graduate students and others who support the purposes and objectives of the Association, but are not engaged directly in educational opportunity programs and services. Affiliate Members are entitled to voice, but are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Honorary Active Professional Membership is limited to current Active Professionals in recognition of extraordinary service to the Association. Honorary Active Professional Members are entitled to both voice and vote, as well as eligible to hold office.

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an individual, institution, organization, foundation or business. Honorary Members are entitled to voice, but are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Organizational Membership ($) is available for any organization, whether an educational institution, nonprofit organization, corporation, business or agency, having an active interest in promoting the goals of the Chapter and Association. Organizational Members must be members in good standing with the Chapter and Association and must pay the annual dues as established by the EOA Board of Directors.