Third Grade Class Page


  • ESA has changed from three lunch blocks to four in order to reduce the number of children in the dining commons at any one time. Our schedule has not changed all that tremendously, and is as follows:

8:25-9:22 Block 1

9:22-10:07 Eagle Time

10:12-10:57 Specials

11:02-12:02 Block 2

12:07-12:37 Recess

12:42-1:07 Lunch

1:12-2:08 Block 3

2:12-3:08 Block 4

3:08-3:11 Pack-up/Carpool Prep

  • Please communicate any and all carpool changes with your child’s homeroom teacher, especially if your child is a walker and/or goes to Camp Trinity. We can’t just take a child’s word that there will be changes. Thanks!
  • Please remember, over the counter medication (even cough drops) cannot be administered at school without a permission from a doctor AND parent.

Wish List

  • Small vacuum cleaner (Robinson)
  • Kleenex (Robinson)
  • Sandwich bags (Robinson)
  • Books or series that can be donated to our class library (Otis & Braszo)
  • Composition books (Otis)

Important Dates

  • Thur, May 31st: Half Day - Last Day of School
3rd Grade Parent Night