First Grade


  • Reading Log- Students may be read to, read to you or read to themselves.
  • Letterland Monday - Thursday
  • Mobymax- Log in and complete at least 2 times a week for 10-15 minutes each time.


BookIt Reading Program: Return your reading log December 4 to receive a free pizza voucher.

What's Happening in Class!

  • In Writer's Workshop, we will begin Informational Writing pieces on the various holidays during the winter months. Our Letterland for the week of November 27th will be Unit 15. In our literacy block, we will continue learning about characters, setting, problems/solutions, retell and personal connections through in-class read alouds. Daily 5 rotations are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Word Work, and Listening to Reading. Your child can Raz Kids at home to practice Listening to Reading and Read to Self! We also begin Mclass Testing the week of November 27th- December 15th. ** Change in spelling test this quarter has begun, we grade for capitalization and punctuation!**
  • In Math we are beginning to work on Properties of Addition. We will be focusing on the Cummutative and Associative Properties. We will also be introducing 2 digit by 1 digit addition.

Math Daily 3- Math By Myself, Math with Someone and Math Writing. Once launched students will get to 2-3 rotations each day with lots of hands on math practice!

  • Social Studies- We will be starting our next unit on Holidays and Traditions next week.
  • Science- We are wrapping up our unit on the Sun, Moon and Earth. We have had so much fun with this unit!

VERY IMPORTANT: all snack items in all 1st grade classrooms must be peanut-free. This includes items with labeling stating “May contain peanuts,” or “Processed in a peanut facility,” or Processed in a facility on shared equipment,” etc. Please be vigilant and partner with us by reading labels on any processed foods before sending for the protection of all our students. This rule is in place due to the serious nature of allergies in 1st grade this year. Unfortunately, any snacks not fitting these guidelines or that are in baggies without labels that we are unable to confirm at a glance will not be allowed to be consumed during snack. The goal is simply to keep our students safe. A good rule of thumb is to send an unprocessed fruit or vegetable. By signing the Peanut Aware letter, parents have agreed to follow these important expectations.

Birthdays: It’s a delight to celebrate birthdays in the classroom. If you would like to provide a treat, due to allergies in all first grade classrooms, treats need to be a non-food item, such as erasers, stickers, etc. You are also welcome read a book to the class. If you would like to send a treat or come in as a reader, contact us to plan ahead. We will typically celebrate birthdays during afternoon snack.

Dress Code and Coats

As cooler weather arrives the need for students to wear jackets and coats increases. Please be reminded that coats and jackets that students intend to wear during the day inside of the building must conform to the dress code in regards to color, logos, etc. One recent clarification that has been made to the policy is that ESA spirit wear jackets may have a small logo as long as it has an ESA logo as well and matches the color requirements. Jackets and coats that a student wears only while outside (arriving and departing school, recess, outside projects, etc.) do not have to meet dress code with the exception that any writing or emblems on the item must be school appropriate.

Wish List

Thank you to everyone who has donated items from our wish lists! We SO appreciate you!!!

Important Date

  • November 21st - Early Release plus our Thanksgiving Feast
  • November 22nd-25th- Thanksgiving Break
  • December 19th - Early Release
  • December 20th-January 1st - Holiday Break

School Policy on Dress Down Days: Jeans (jean skirts and jean shorts, too) will be allowed on ESA spirit days. There are absolutely no ripped jeans allowed. All other dress code requirements should be followed (proper length, chest coverage, tightness of clothing, etc.).