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About Entravision X

We developed Entravision X to meet the needs of an evolving market, Entravision X helps you better engage your existing and potential customers by segmenting your market into a full funnel framework that covers the various stages of the consumer journey. From awareness, through to consideration and ultimately resulting in conversion.

Entravision X lets you work with multiple partners while interacting with only one point of contact. We provide advertisers with unique targeting, and insightful analytics to reach all segments of the South African consumer. 

Our growth team of experts manage cross-channel campaigns to optimise digital advertising results by leveraging performance-based data insights to connect with consumers as they consume content across our stable of premium publishers, social media, mobile growth, in-gaming, digital audio and branded content solutions. 

Reach Your Customers. Easy.

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About Us

Entravision Africa is an online media and ad-technology business with a rich heritage in the African advertising industry. For 23 years the business has represented the largest publishers and platforms in Africa and have helped  global brands reach connected consumers and drive business impact.

Entravision Africa is headquartered in Cape Town, with offices in  Johannesburg and Nairobi Kenya. With a mission to connect publishers to brands, and brands to consumers, we help brands reach audiences at scale through its exclusive partnership with leading platforms like TikTok, Smadex, Anzu.io, Triton Digital, Primedia Broadcasting and many more.