Case Studies

An energy audit revealed opportunity to improve energy efficiency through lighting and HVAC mechanical retrofit along with Energy Management System control of these components in the City's City Hall, Police Station, Senior Center and Veterans Memorial.

The City was able to take advantage of join Southern California Edison and SoCalGas® On-Bill Financing, with a combined loan that covered 77% of the projects cost. The zero interest loan was paid back using savings generation by the project.

The projects identified through the technical services offered by the SoCalREN include whole building retrofits of the Main Library and Ken Edwards Center, mechanical projects at the Civic Auditorium and Public Safety Building, a lighting upgrade at the Big Blue Bus facility, street lighting retrofits, as well as lighting upgrades at various parking garages, beach lots and parks.

The City of Culver City began converting its fleet from primarily diesel and gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG) in 1998. In 2010, the city’s fleet includes 605 on-road and 15 off-road vehicles used by all city departments. A newly remodeled and expanded CNG fueling station supports the CNG vehicles. Federal grants and regional air quality funding sources provide funding for vehicle purchases and construction of the fueling facilities.

Using signal synchronization and remote monitoring and control allows the traffic system to adapt to changing circumstances. This reduces idling, as well as overall travel times, thus reducing emissions.

The plan is for this 44-unit single-resident occupancy housing project to be 100% energy self-sufficient using a mix of green building and energy efficiency techniques and solar photovoltaic generation.