Taste of Life

The Taste of Life is a series of events centered on food, science, health and diversity (defined broadly: ecological, cultural, genetic). These science outreach events serve to highlight the importance, impact and excitement of science in a fun and delicious way.

"I love this! This is why I go to college!"

Check out our publication focusing on how our outreach efforts help alleviate Plant Blindness:

Moscoe, L. and M. Hanes. 2019. Taste of Life: Science outreach made delicious. Plants, People, Planet. 00:1-5. https://doi.org/10.1002/ppp3.42.

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The Taste of Life Project is composed of folks from Eastern Michigan University (Biology, Chemistry/Fermentation Science, and Dietetics) who share an interest in the way that food, science, and culture intersect in all of our lives. To stay in touch, follow us on Facebook.

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