NOTE: Emerald Technologies is not an internet service provider. However, we are happy to help you figure out which local services provide you with the best rates and value for your needs and usage. Call 707.923.1268 or e-mail us for a free consultation anytime.


Point-to-point internet is transmitted across a network of antennas.

Our local service provider for point-to-point internet service is 101 Netlink, a family-owned and operated local business.

If you are interested in a 101 Netlink connection, feel free to call the shop at 707.923.1268 or email us your address and we can forward that information along to an installer to expedite the process.


Satellite internet is beamed directly from geostationary orbit.

If you are unable to access point-to-point internet at your location, satellite internet is a viable option. It does require a location with a decent amount of open sky to function optimally.

Viasat (formerly Exede) provides satellite internet in our area.