Application help

A quick screen by screen explanation of the features and how to use them.

The Home Screen

This is a typical (for me, at least) home screen, while in the middle of a shift.

The top of the screen shows a running total of how long you've worked in this pay week.

The bottom of the screen shows the shift you're currently working. The fields will show up as you click the various buttons for clocking in, starting lunch, and ending lunch. Clock out will save the shift and remove the fields from the display.

Each time or date can be clicked on to change them manually, or long clicked to remove the field, for those times when you're just about to start lunch and your boss decides to have you do "a couple quick things".

The Current Week Screen

The Current Week screen shows one week of shifts for the current pay week, the start and end dates for it, the hours worked for each shift during that week, and the total for that week.

You can click on any of the shifts to bring up a detail screen for that shift where you can edit it or delete it.

The Shift Detail Display

This is the shift detail display. It will show you all the information about the shift you selected: the start date, start time, end date (if it's different than the start date), the end time, how long your lunch was, and how many hours that shift lasted.

Clicking on Delete will let you delete that shift; clicking on Edit will let you edit that shift.

The Enter/Edit Hours Display

The Enter Hours screen is where you can edit an already saved shift or enter an entirely new one.

All the fields have to be set in order to save it. This screen is mainly for entering a shift you forgot to add (you forgot your phone, were running late, everyone bothering you... the usual stuff that happens when you show up for work), or editing one you already have saved, for instance if you forgot to enter your lunch, you can go back and add it here.

More than one shift that day

Once you select the date, if you have more than one shift for that date, you'll get a little menu where you can choose to either enter a whole new shift or edit an existing one.

The Calendar Display

The Calendar View gives you a month-by-month view of each day and the hours worked.

Clicking on a day with hours will bring up the detail display, and clicking on an empty day will take you to the Entry display where you can enter a new shift for that day.

The All Weeks Display

The All Weeks display will give you a list of all the months you worked.

Expanding a month will then give you the list of weeks, starting with the first full pay period, and ending on the last date of the last pay period (even if it wraps into the next month).

Clicking on any of the weeks from there will bring you to the Week View for that week.