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The educators featured on this site are exploring digital pedagogy in a variety of ways, from in-class group work to student projects that extend through an entire course. Browse these features to get ideas, resources like syllabi and sample assignments. Contact us at elearning@wm.edu for more information

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Data Visualization

Discussion / Active Learning

Formative Assessment

In-class Collaboration

In-class Presentation

Public Facing Website

Oral Storytelling

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Annie Blazer

Podcasting, Digital Storytelling

Matteo Cantarello

Student Engagement, Lightboard

Kat Cartwright

Digital Storytelling, Microsoft Sway

Greg Conradi-Smith

Website Development, Wordpress

Bella Ginzbursky-Blum

In-Class Collaboration, Microsoft Sway

Paul Heideman

In-Class Presentation, Public Speaking

Adwait Jog

Instructional Videos, Flipping Classroom

Arthur Knight

Digital Storytelling, Timelines, In-Class Presentation

Dana Lashley

Formative Assessment, Panopto Quizzes

Richard Marcus

Digital Storytelling, Microsoft Sway

Tyler Meldrum


Iyabo Obasanjo

Instructional Videos, Flipping Classroom

Davinia Pastor

Student Engagement, Video Annotation

Jenny Rahn

Data Visualization

Bev Sher

In-Class Presentation, Infographics

Barbette Spaeth

In-Class Presentation, Public Speaking

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