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I've set this up as a part of my training course to become a middle school math teacher in Fairfax County, VA.

The course, upon successful completion, will grant me a one license. During that time, I'll (hopefully) find a job as a middle school math teacher with my own class, students, lesson plans, grading, etc. The whole 9-yards, enchilada, schebang ... however you want to say it

3 / 8 / 16

Our group project is really getting exciting! My two teammates are excellent and have some wonderful thoughts & concepts about our presentation. I don't want to give too much away, but both my teammates and the ideas are fantastic!


We just started our second set of modules. The first set was pretty intense - I'm glad to have seen it through and finished. This next set has a lot of promise! I especially like the tech topics ... seems up my alley, even if the is a world of stuff I still need to learn about.

The Read/Write in the Content Area one is ... nerve wracking. I'm a good reader - no worries there. It's just that I'm not sure how this will apply to a math classroom. When I'm not sure how to apply something, it gets harder to focus. My mind tends to find 1,000 other directions to run off in (not ADD, just a lot of ideas run through my head constantly).

Feeling pretty OK about the MATH content-specific stuff. It's a lot of reflection (yay!) and lesson planning, which is NOT my strongest suit. All the more reason to pay extra attention.

Half-way through. Not sure if it's going to get easier or tougher. Either way, it's gonna be good