Viking Tech Integrators

Parkview Teachers and Technology Integrators joined Kevin Honeycutt for 2 days in Westby for some hands-on learning.

Starting 2018-19 with "the 4c's"

The "4Cs" are the instructional focus of Parkview's staff this year. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking are taking center stage with our educators.

At a recent technology conference, Parkview teachers experienced and put into practice "The 4Cs."

Each educator started building their PLC by creating and enhancing Twitter accounts. Sommer McMahon and Guy Stricker took Communication a step further by Collaborating with a fellow teacher from DC Everest High School in Weston on a student publishing project.

Martyna Malinowska used her Twitter account to help crowd-fund a project that she'd like to implement with her students. Communication and Collaboration took center stage on this experience as well.

Kim Johnson and Melanie Greenleaf were able to leverage technology in order to share great apps with other educators. Creativity, Collaboration and Communication converged to help both teachers design relevant content for other educators.

Nikki Lutzke reached out to author Josh Funk via Twitter to schedule a Skype meeting with her 4th graders. Collaboration with recognized authors and experts became reality.

Your Parkview Tech Integrators look forward to collaborating with staff as we seek out opportunities to expand our understanding of "The 4Cs."