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Resources for Instructional Continuity


Since March 12, 2020, Medfield Public Schools has focused on addressing teaching and learning within the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning from our experiences this past Spring, the district crafted a plan to support teachers and parents/guardians on how best to educate students.

This website is just one aspect of our current plan to support learning within the district. It aims to respond to the rapidly changing context in a targeted and impactful manner. As such, this website will grow and evolve, providing additional resources and information to best meet the needs of our teachers and students.

As you read through this document, you will see a variety of instructional tools that Medfield Public School teachers can use in the classroom- whether in school or remote. We encourage teachers to familiarize themselves with the variety of instructional methods and communication protocols listed within each link. Regardless of the method of delivery or the context of our learning, we encourage teachers to continue to sustain the caring environment that has been a hallmark of Medfield Public Schools.

Meeting the Needs of All Students

The Medfield Public Schools is committed to meet the needs of all our students. Education materials is differentiated to address students' needs and teachers are encouraged to work with colleagues within the special education, interventionists, and other student support units. As always, the Office of Student Services is there to help

Teaching Support

Medfield Public Schools continues to work diligently to address various instructional challenges poised by the COVID-19 virus. In addition to introducing multiple tools for teachers to use in instruction and assessment, we regularly offer a variety of teacher professional development offerings in digital-enhanced learning.

Parent Support

Parents are important partners to teaching and learning in our district. As such, we will offer a variety of professional development opportunities for parents to learn about curriculum, hybrid-related instruction, and specific digital tools that support learning.

Technology Access

We aim to support learning in a developmentally appropriate manner, as such, all will have access to ipads or chromebooks during this hybrid period.


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