Afternoon at the Museum


Friday, April 5, 2024, 3–5pm
Lundy-Fetterman Museum

Come Walk on the Wild Side

You are invited to a special Friends of the Library tea and excursion through one of Campbell University’s best kept secrets – the Lundy-Fetterman Museum. Located inside the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business on the northern end of campus, the museum was dedicated in October 2001.   

Access Services Librarian and Wiggins Library archivist Marie Berry will offer guided tours through the exhibit of more than 100 exotic animal and marine mounts and shells collected by Business School benefactors Burrows T. and Mabel Lundy during their travels in the 1960s-70s.  

At this event, enjoy: 

Collection & Controversy

No shortage of controversy surrounds the subjects of sport and trophy hunting, certainly viewed today in a different light than in the mid-20th century era when Burrows T. and Mabel L. Lundy amassed their collection of roughly 175 taxidermied mounts of wildlife and marine life and shells. The collection was donated to Campbell University by their daughter, Dr. Annabelle Lundy Fetterman and dedicated in October 2001.  

The topic spurs debate in fields of philosophy and ethics, economics, law, wildlife conservation and animal protection to name a few. Views abound on trophy hunting, as opposed to subsistence hunting, vis a vis issues such as habitat loss, poaching, local economic self-determination vs. corporate hunting firms, and the benefits/drawbacks of ecotourism and photo-tourism.  

We invite readers interested in informed views on the issue to explore a wide variety of online resources to consider all sides of the issue. At the event, librarians will provide reading materials centering around the article, "Trophy Hunting and Wildlife Conservation: 5 Essential Reads" from The Conversation: An Independent Source of Analysis from Academic Researchers (July 2019). 


Lundy-Fetterman Museum

Lundy-Fetterman School of Business
165 Dr. McKoy Rd.
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