The Celtic Linguistics Group at the University of Arizona is pleased to host the Foundational Approaches to Celtic Linguistics, a 2021-2022 speaker series. FACL 2 will feature talks from Celtic language experts and researchers from across the United States and Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly introduced a variety of changes to our society, but one of the positives are the telecommunication systems that have made this speaker series possible.

Welcome to FACL 2!


*Talks are scheduled for 11:00am Arizona time unless otherwise indicated.

Spring 2022:

January 28, 2022 - Bernadette O'Rourke

  • "Re-thinking revitalisation in the 21st century through new language geographies"

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February 4, 2022 - Sylvia Schreiner

February 11, 2022 - Thomas Stewart

  • "Figure and Ground in Initial Mutation"

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March 18, 2022 - Gillian Ramchand

  • "Deriving VSO in Scottish Gaelic: Getting From Hierarchical Representations to Word Order"

  • Abstract

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March 25, 2022 (Postponed) - John Walsh

April 1, 2022 - Gary Thoms

  • "On the derivation of prepositional dative constructions in Irish and Scottish Gaelic"

  • Abstract

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April 22, 2022 May 6, 2022 - Ian Clayton

  • "Hebrides English: A Gaelic-influenced contact variety on Scotland's West Coast"

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April 29, 2022 - Marieke Meelen

  • "Parametric Reconstruction of Celtic languages"

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May 6, 2022 (Postponed) - Ryan Bennett


Heterogeneous methodology is vital to a comprehensive view of the Celtic languages. We welcome linguists of all backgrounds and subfields whose interest in the Celtic languages can expand our knowledge of the phenomena they manifest.


Successful linguistic investigation of the Celtic languages requires the cooperation between experts and community members. FACL 2 showcases the linguistic collaboration that makes such research possible.


The Celtic languages are the medium for rich cultures of literature, song, poetry, history and indigenous knowledge-systems. It is our privilege to study them and to build relationships with and provide resources for endangered language communities.

About the acronym

FACL shares its pronunciation with the Goidelic word for 'word'. The translations for 'word' in the three Q-Celtic languages are provided below:

  • focal (Irish)

  • fockle (Manx)

  • facal (Scottish Gaelic)

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