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Moodle FAQ's

Q. I just registered for a course and it's not showing up in Moodle, why can't I see it?

A. Moodle course roster changes are updated overnight, so it may take up to one day for the new course to be added to your course list.

Q. I'm registered for all my courses but I can't see them in Moodle? Is something wrong?

A. All Moodle courses are opened up to students 2 weeks prior to the start date of the class. Check your schedule to verify when the course begins.

Q. I don't know my Moodle password, how do I login?

A. Your Moodle password is the same as your Elms email and network login. If you need password help, go to the password management system.

Q. I'm having trouble navigating in a course and finding my assignments, discussion, etc. What should I do?

A. Contact your professor first to find out where the information is located or if it has been hidden until a specific date. If the problem is due to a technical issue you will be instructed to contact

Q. When I open my Moodle course I am having trouble viewing some of the text, why is this happening?

A. For best results, login to the site with Google Chrome. We've found this works better than Internet Explorer or Firefox.