Hello! I joined the faculty at Elmira in 2016 and fell in love with small, dynamic and diverse campus. You may find an interdisciplinary tendency in my professional background and research interests.

Born and raised in Wuhan, China, I received my BA in clinical medicine (2001) and MD in neurology (2004) at Wuhan University. I worked with patients suffering from cerebrovascular diseases, studied brain-behavior relationships, and published several articles and chapters in neuroscience. In order to obtain in-depth knowledge of human behavior, I came to the United States and started my adventure in psychology because I was curious how exactly cognitive behavior therapy works on treating psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. In 2015, I earned my PhD in clinical psychology (clinical science) at the University of Wyoming.

Currently, I teach courses related to clinical/counseling psychology and cultural psychology. In Term III, I have developed new courses such as Drugs & Behavior, Cross-Cultural Experiences, or the Psychology of the Chinese People. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring culture-related activities, music, movies, and travel.