Churchville Middle School presents:

F.A.M. Night & Variety Show

The Variety Show will kick off F.A.M. Night (Food, Art, Music).

Our all-school assembly will be that Friday morning, so let's get ready!

What is F.A.M. Night?

F.A.M. Night stands for Food, Art & Music. You can participate in F.A.M. night through the art club shops, bake sale, performing music, or showing off your talents at the Variety Show!

Check out 2020-2021's AMAZING

Variety Show!

Variety Show 2021.mp4

WHEN Are Variety Show Tryouts?

Tryouts for the Variety Show will be two separate days in November; you choose what date works best. If you are more interested in hosting our show, try out to be a host!

2021-2022 TRYOUT DATES

To Be Determined!

What Do I NEED To Do For Variety Show Tryouts?

If You Are Trying Out to Perform Your Talent...

Mr. Liljewall and Mrs. Conrad are always looking for new and exciting ways to show off our very own Churchville Chargers! The performances vary and are not limited to just singing and dancing! The more unique, the better! Some c'mon and try out!

If you are trying out as an act in the show, please bring whatever instruments or materials you will need to show off your talent. This includes borrowing instruments from Mrs. Sickinger. Please contact her PRIOR TO TRYOUTS to ask to borrow any instruments. If you need mats for physical routines, please let us know ahead of time and we can arrange that for you in the gym.

If You are Trying Out to Be a Host...

Bring something to read that would show off your ability to speak in front of a crowd. This can be in the form of a poem, part of a short story, a monologue, or a portion of a play.


  • Being in the show does mean responsibility and commitment, so please make sure you understand that the quality of the show is up to you. In addition, you will need to work on your act outside of school. If you are a host, you will be working directly with Mr. Liljewall and Ms. Conrad on a weekly basis. ​

  • We have created a calendar for you of rehearsal dates. Please follow the information on the calendar, i.e. dress rehearsals, music deadlines, tech rehearsals, etc. as these are important elements for the production of the show.

  • If you miss a dress rehearsal the week before the show (when you were not absent from school) you MUST bring a note from a parent stating the reason you were not there. More than two unexcused absences during TECH & DRESS week will result in dismissal from show.

  • STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 4:30 ON REGULAR PRACTICE DAYS AND BY 6:00 ON TECH AND DRESS REHEARSAL DAYS. See calendar for dates. Failure to pick up your child by these times may result in dismissal from the show.