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Contact _______ (financial assistance only)

What is Outdoor Education?

Outdoor Education is an opportunity for your child to spend two days and one night at camp with peers and Churchville staff. Students take part in a variety of activities that may include archery, canoeing, group initiatives and a high ropes course. Students will do nighttime activities that will allow them to experience and appreciate nature. Students will sleep in cabins with peers and will eat all their meals in a lodge at camp. The activities are all designed to foster learning and cooperation among students.

All students are currently able to attend the program and we would expect every student participate in this wonderful experience. The success of Outdoor Education depends upon each individual’s ability to be responsible, respectful, and safe. Students who have attended Outdoor Education in the past have referred to this time as one of the most memorable experiences of middle school. We want all Churchville Chargers to partake in this wonderful experience!

Outdoor Education for the 2019-2020 school year will at Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin and will be split into TWO HALVES:

Half 1: Tuesday, September 17th - Wednesday, September 18th

Half 2: Thursday, September 19th-Friday, September 20th

While half of the seventh graders are at Outdoor Ed the other half of students will be at school attending classes. It is still considered an regular attendance school day.

The other half of Outdoor Education, besides behavioral responsibility, is a financial commitment. We anticipate a cost between $145 for each student. Parents who feel they need financial assistance or an individual payment plan should contact the school social worker, Bill Denne at (630) 617-2244. Please note that payment plans and financial assistance can only be offered to a limited number of families and will not be given if the due date has passed.

We will be holding an informational meeting on Thursday, August 22nd at 6:00PM in the Blue Gym before Open House for parents to learn more specifics about Outdoor Education. It is expected that ALL parents who have not had a child go on Outdoor Ed, come to the Parent Informational Meeting.

Permission slips will be sent home at the parent meeting; they will need to be completed and turned in on time in its entirety if students want to participate. If you cannot make the parent meeting, permission slips will be sent home with your child the following day. No late permission slips will be accepted.

We look forward to an exciting trip next year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Conrad or Mrs. Werab via email or call the office to leave a message during school hours (630) 832-8682 ext. 3922.

We look forward to an AWESOME trip with your child!

Mrs. Jackie Conrad & Mrs. Leah Werab

Save the Dates!

Thursday, August 22, 2019 in the Blue Gym:

Outdoor Ed Parent Meeting

Wednesday, September 4, 2019:

Financial Assistance (Must contact Bill Denne)

Friday, August 30, 2019:

ALL PERMISSION SLIPS DUE!!! No late entries will be taken!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019:

Medication Authorization Form (for students who need to take their doctor-authorized medication on the trip)

Tuesday, September 17-Wednesday, September 18, 2019:

Outdoor Ed First Half

Thursday, September 19- Friday, September 20, 2019:

Outdoor Ed Second Half

Behavior Expectations

We are quite proud of our students’ good behavior and expect good behavior to continue during our stay at Camp Edwards. We expect students to follow the Big 3 while at camp: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. However, if necessary, parents will be called to pick up any students who misbehave during Outdoor Education.

Parent Resources and Information

Pick Up and Drop Off


Students can arrive at regular time to school. We ENCOURAGE your child to get a ride to school instead of taking the school bus as the luggage takes up much-needed space. There will be a designated area for luggage drop off. B/O/C students can drop off their luggage outside the main foyer before 7:20 am in designated luggage areas and then go to their respective early morning activity. The buses for Camp Edwards will leave at 8:35 am.


On the day of return, students will be allowed to use cell phones to call home and let parents know what time we will return. If a student does not have a cell phone teachers will make sure that they can borrow one to call home. We plan on leaving camp at 6:00PM and returning to Churchville at 8:00PM. Unfortunately, a lot of factors go into our return-time that are outside of our control, so please wait for your child to call prior to leaving to pick him/her up at school.

Permission Slips

  • Permission Slip (English & Spanish)
  • Medical Form (English & Spanish)
  • Waiver Release Zipline and High Ropes Course (English & Spanish)


  • Click HERE to pay using District's INFOSNAP
  • Other options for payment:
    • Check-Checks payable to District 205. Make sure to put your child's FIRST and LAST name in the memo section as some family members have different last names.
    • Cash-Put cash in a sealed envelope with your child's first and last name on it.

Medication Information

The administration of any and all over the counter or prescription medicine for our Outdoor Education trip, will follow the same regulations and policies that the Elmhurst CUSD 205 School Board and Superintendent’s Memorandum states in their “Medication at School Policy”.

ALL OVER THE COUNTER, as well as prescribed medication must follow these guidelines:

1). A physician needs to complete and sign the medication permission form. (Found in the link above).

2). A parent signature is also required for medication to be given at school.

3). If your child needs to carry an inhaler or epi-pen, please read section that pertains to self-administration and complete authorization. (Found in the link above).

4). The medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle with proper labeling.

5). Medication should be delivered to the school office by the parent. At the end of the Outdoor Education Week, the medication should also be picked up by the parent.

If you should have any questions regarding this medication policy, please contact:

-Maggie Repelin (School Nurse)

Camp Contact Info

Edwards YMCA Camp and Retreat Center

N8901 Army Lake Rd

East Troy, WI 53120

Phone: (262) 642-7466

Fax: (262) 642-5108

If an emergency arises at Camp Edwards, we will call the number provided to us on your child’s permission slip. In addition, we will contact the following:

Urgent Care:

ProHealth Medical Center

(D.N. Greenwald Center)

240 W. Maple Ave. Mukwonago, WI


It is located near the Walmart in Mukwonago.

Emergency Room:

Lakeland Medical Center (Aurora Center)

W3985 Count Road NN

Elkhorn, WI


In Case of an Emergency

If you need to contact your child due to an emergency at home, please contact Gina Pogue-Reeder via email and she will contact a staff member at camp.



PACKING: In packing for our Outdoor Education trip, we stress the importance of what to bring as well as what NOT to bring. Please consult this list to be sure your child is fully prepared. Be sure all items, including luggage, are labeled with your child’s name. We recommend placing sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets in a garbage bag and labeling it with your child’s name on a piece of duct tape.

Items to Bring to Camp Edwards:

  • sleeping bag or sheets/blankets
  • soap, shampoo, deodorant
  • pillow
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • daily change of underwear
  • bath towel and washcloth
  • several pairs of warm socks
  • heavy and light shirts
  • water bottle (name on it)
  • extra pair of dry shoes
  • sweatshirts or sweaters
  • winter coat and hat
  • jeans or rugged pants
  • boots for hiking (waterproof) NO FLIP FLOPS!
  • two pairs of warm gloves
  • rain gear (a poncho is preferred)
  • pajamas


  • hair dryer
  • disposable cameras only
  • watch
  • Chapstick
  • backpack
  • flip flops
  • Students are ALLOWED to bring cell phones to camp. However, they are turned off and away just as they would be at school. Students will have time to call home at night to say good night.

Items NOT to Bring to Camp Edwards:

  • money
  • matches
  • curling Irons
  • archery equipment
  • candy, pop, snacks, gum
  • fishing gear
  • camping knives
  • flashlight
  • iPods/radios/headphones
  • video games


Extended weather forecast shows...

Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • TBD

Thursday and Friday:

  • TBD

**We are out ALL day until 10:00PM. Please dress your child accordingly! If there's a chance of rain, please pack a poncho and an additional pair of shoes.**