Mural Club

Mural Club Info.mp4
  • Mural Club designs, draws, and paints mural all around York High School sponsored by Ms. Kuharchuk.

  • We meet after school on Mondays in room A143.

  • Mural Club is mostly student led. Students complete the mural from start to finish so student participation and working as a team are key!

  • We work on about one to two murals a year. Depending on our timeline we may be at different stages in our mural, so our meetings look different from day to day.

  • For each mural we complete, we do the following:

-Discuss and share possible mural locations and themes

-Brainstorm, plan, and design mural ideas

-Sketch and compare concepts

-Finalize our completed design

-Project and trace our design onto our mural location

-Paint in the basic colors and forms of the mural

-Finalize our painting with blending and details!

Mural club photos