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Here you will find information about your class, weekly agendas, materials that we've used in class (notes, assignments, solutions), and links to other resources to help you become successful in math this year! Click on the tabs above to view your class, resources, information about your teacher!

Help Times

Extra Help Times

  • Feel free to pop by my room before or after school throughout the week should you ever need any help, extra practice, or if just want to go over your homework. Make sure you let me know ahead of time, or else I won't know to stick around!
  • Lunch Help Times: I will be in the room during Lunch on every Tuesday and Thursday for last minute pop-ins. Feel free to join me for lunch with a side of math!

Late Work

  • Do you have missing or late homework? THAT'S OKAY! You now have the chance to turn in your late work during a designated help time where you will chat with me, correct your work, and turn in your assignments without having to worry about losing points. In order to receive full credit on late work, you must come to a help time during the week. Otherwise, you may still turn in your late work during class, but you may still lose points. All work is expected to be turned in no matter what!
  • Late Work Help Times: Every Tuesday & Thursday - Before School or During Lunch

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Ms. Kulek's Class Playlist

Do you dream of becoming a D.J.? Are you a secret karaoke star? Do you wish your life was a musical? Or do you just like listening to music while you work on homework? If so, please contribute to our class playlist! Fill out the form below to request a song to be added to the playlist. All songs must be school appropriate (you know what this means!).