Summer Programs

Below is a comprehensive list of Summer Programs for high school students. These are listed by Title with a short description where possible. The color of the font represents the type of program(s) offered.

Programs are categorized as follows: (work in progress)

RED: Pre-College programs with a range of course options

BLUE: Pre-College or similar programs with specific content

ORANGE: Foreign travel/language/cultural immersion

GREEN: Athletics

PURPLE: Leadership and/or Service

BROWN: Multiple Options

Explore ALL of your options. Programs do not need to be exorbitantly expensive to be high quality and worthwhile. Also, many programs offer scholarships for students who qualify.

Summer enrichment should be considered for it's own value: To explore areas of interest, learn about new places, expand your understanding, and to meet new people. No particular program is going to provide your "in" at a college.

To open the spreadsheet and view all programs, click the grey box in the upper, right hand corner of the spreadsheet area.

Summer Programs for Website