Press 1 Leads


Press 1 Leads are initiated by a live telemarketer who asks the senior if they would be interested in hearing information regarding Burial Insurance. Interested prospects are then transferred to a recording about Final Expense Life insurance. At the end of the recording they are given the option of pressing 1 to have a local agent to contact them or pressing 2 to be disconnected and removed from the call list.

Those that Press 1 are given another recording prompting the senior to leave their name, best time to call, and any additional information that they would like the agent to know. The are, again, given the option of pressing 1 to continue or pressing 2 to be disconnected and removed from the call list.

This is a double qualified lead. They first speak to a live person and then go through TWO recordings by Pressing 1. Finally, only those that have gone through this process AND THEN leave their contact information are transcribed and sent to the agent. Best part… the agent receives the lead within 24 Hrs!!



    • FRESH- Leads are generated, transcribed, and then sent tho the agent the following day. As the agent, You are talking to the prospect within 24 Hrs. This is a key advantage over Direct Mail, which can take up to 6 Weeks before you get in touch with the customer.
    • QUALITY- Unlike many leads being sold, our leads are generated using a clear, non-deceptive script and recording. The recording discusses the increasing funeral and burial expenses and prompts the prospect to Press 1 to have a local life insurance agent contact. Most importantly-IT is a DOUBLE QUALIFIED LEAD, where the prospect speaks with a live person, listens to TWO recordings, Presses 1 TWICE to continue and is given the option of Pressing 2 or handing up to be disconnected and removed from the calling list. After the final recording, the prospect Presses 1 and leaves their contact information. Finally, A live person listens to the recording and transcribes the lead and delivers it to the agent.
    • EXCLUSIVE- These Leads are never resold. They are generated specifically for you, the lead purchaser.


Because of the government limits of the Do Not Call List, data available to call on is extremely limited compared to that of Direct Mail or Live Life Leads. Because of this, Press 1 Leads are not available in all areas. And they cannot be ordered more often than every other week and an ordering radius of 30 miles from the zip code cannot always be guarantied.