Canvas is the first experience students will have with your class. There are some easy tweaks and tricks you can use to make it powerful, engaging, and supportive. You can also enroll in the Canvas Self Pace course to get a full run down on all things canvas! 

How to set up Grade Sync between PowerTeacher and Canvas

How to Set Up Grade Sync in Powerschool and Canvas

It's important to get your course set up sooner rather than later. If nothing else, make sure you do the following:

Take a Deeper Dive

The Canvas left-hand navigation is overwhelming because of how many choices there are. This article shows you how to limit the options to specific items you'll use every day.

Modules allow you to gather related items in a digital "binder." By adding items to Modules, you can create to-do lists for your students. Erin Hartman shares a how-to in this blog post.

The Canvas Calendar gets overwhelming...quickly. Using a Page, you can create a simple Calendar for students to use day to day in your course. 

Reassign work to students in canvas

Accessibility Checker in Canvas

Focus on Feedback

The New Canvas Editor

Import Rubric Data from Canvas into Sheets

Introduction To Canvas Studio

Adding Quizzes on Canvas Studio Videos

Canvas Immersive Reader

New Quizzes

Why is New Quizzes better than classic quizzes? The question types! ✨ Check out all the cool new question types you have access to with New Quizzes.  

More Training

If you're the type of person who likes watching videos for setup, we have a full playlist you can go through. You can also register for the self-paced course to have some guided instruction in using Canvas.