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Natasha's top picks

We've selected some of Natasha and her team's favourite books, film, documentaries, podcasts and other inspirational resources. We hope they inspire and sustain your JEDI journey! If you have  comments on  any of these resources, or items to share, please email

Movies, Docs, Videos

Deconstructing Karen

In Deconstructing Karen, white women attend the wildest dinner party of their lives. The main course is a radically open and honest conversation on racism. While sipping wine and passing the bread basket, these women go on an eye-opening journey, discovering how they uphold white supremacy every single day.

One Of Ours

Josiah Wilson was adopted as a baby in Haiti and raised in an Indigenous family in Canada. Years later, he is racially profiled at an Indigenous basketball tournament and refused the right to play a sport he deeply loves. After this hurtful rejection, Josiah is left to examine his identity, and the relationships he has with this family and community. 

Michaela Jaé: The Adulthood

Growing up, actress, singer, and activist Michaela Jaé was considered quirky and out of place. And when she didn’t see many representations of herself in the media—she became her own.  Without much media representation of trans people, Michaela Jaé looked to classic stories like Cinderella and found parallels to how she wanted to live her own life.  

The Skin We're In

This documentary from acclaimed director Charles Officer pulls back the curtain on racism in Canada.

A Love Song for Latasha

A dreamlike portrait of a vibrant 15-year-old girl whose shooting death sparks the 1992 L.A. Riots. 

Two Distant Strangers

Cartoonist Carter James’ repeated attempts to get home to his dog are thwarted by a recurring deadly encounter that forces him to re-live the same awful day over and over again. 


The unforgettable true story chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. Directed by Ava DuVernay. 

When They
See Us

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story. 

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am 

Legendary storyteller Toni Morrison examines her life, her work and the powerful themes she has confronted throughout her literary career. 

Exterminate All the Brutes

Raoul Peck’s powerful statement about making, “Exterminate All the Brutes,” now streaming on HBO Max. Also, check out this amazing review in the NYT.

The 13th

In this thought-provoking documentary, scholars, activists and politicians analyze the criminalization of African Americans and the U.S. prison boom. 


In this documentary, leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood's impact on the trans community. 

The Urgency of Intersectionality

Now more than ever, it's important to look boldly at the reality of race and gender bias -- and understand how the two can combine to create even more harm.

Race Isn't Real

The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes.


Samuel L. Jackson, along with a team of investigative journalists and divers, uncovers the hidden history of the transatlantic slave trade. Available on CBC Gem.

Microaggressions in the Classroom

How students experience microaggressions at school and how it affects them.  

Dear White Parents

Dear White Parents is a public awareness campaign encouraging more White parents to talk with their children about racism early and often. 

Voices from Here

In this condensed life history, Wes FineDay, Nehiyaw Knowledge Keeper, discusses his resistance to colonial violence and his lifelong work and extensive knowledge of medicines, oral history, and ceremony.   

Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence

Internationally recognized expert on microaggressions and issues of race and diversity, Professor Derald Wing Sue, provides a thought provoking interactive presentation that will get you thinking.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

A group of teen campers are inspired to join the fight for disability civil rights. Executive produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Reel Injuns

A PBS documentary that traces the evolution of cinema's depiction of Native people from the silent film era to today.

High on the Hog:
How African American Cuisine Transformed America

Black food is American food. Chef and writer Stephen Satterfield traces the delicious, moving throughlines from Africa to Texas in this docuseries.

Deconstructing White Privilege 

Dr. Robin DiAngelo has been an anti-racist educator, and has heard justifications of racism by white people in her workshops for over two decades.

From Insights to Inclusion: On Building Diverse Teams

LinkedIn Talent Solutions customer and LinkedIn member voices on what diversity, inclusion and belonging means, and the importance of working together as a community to build more representative and inclusive teams at our workplaces.

This Changes Everything

Actress Geena Davis rallies Meryl Streep, Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon and others in this powerful documentary which takes a deep look at gender disparity in Hollywood.

Body Images
in Film

This video takes a look at how movies have shaped our notions of beauty through several films in which the human body is on display.

Coded Bias

This eye opening documentary investigates the flaws in facial recognition technology and the built in bias in algorithms.  Available on Netflix.

We Mean Microaggressions

An effective animated explanation of microaggressions and their impact on individuals.

That Little Voice

We’ve all experienced times when the voice in our head tells us to stay silent when we’ve seen or have been subjected to non-inclusive behaviour. Instead of listening to that voice, it’s time to find yours and use it to speak up.

All the Little Things

All The Little Things follows a young Black man as he navigates the constant micro-aggressions he faces in his place of work which takes a toll on his mental - and in terms of the film's narrative, physical - health. 

The Micropedia of Microaggressions

A resource to learn more about microaggressions and their impact. 

The Origin of the phrase "Women of Color"

Terms like 'women of color' are not just descriptions, but have political and ideological histories and current meanings. 

What does it mean to be Black in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba? 

Not-racist v Anti-racist: what’s the difference?

A short video that explains the difference.

Feminists: What Were They Thinking

Revisiting 1970s women that captured a feminist awakening, this film explores those women's lives and examines the continued need for change. 

What is Intersectionality?

A clear and useful description of the concept of intersectionality.

What are Obstacles to Accountability?

In this video, people with years of experience facilitating transformative, restorative, and community accountability processes between survivors of harm and people who have done harm talk frankly about what gets in the way of accountability.

British Columbia: An Untold Story

Indigenous, Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Black, and European stories are woven together to present an astute look at the complicated histories that shaped BC as we know it today.

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race

A Ted Talk by Jay Smooth

Secret Vancouver: Return to Hogan's Alley

Discover how this Black neighbourhood and hotbed of historic jazz was nearly forgotten by time and erased by urban renewal.

Cultural Safety Education as the Blueprint for Reconciliation,  Len Pierre. TEDxSFU 

Len Pierre invites his audience on a learning journey of Indigenous cultural safety education and training. 

Focus on Black Filmmakers

Celebrate Canadian perspectives from Black filmmakers with the NFB. Explore their free collection of titles from Black filmmakers across Canada, showcasing an extensive selection of stories told from Black perspectives. 

The Hair Tales

The Hair Tales is a dynamic celebration of Black women's identity, beauty, culture and humanity, uniquely expressed through the stories in our hair. If you're in Canada it can be streamed through Disney+ 

Thunder Bay

This series is produced, written, and co-directed by Anishinaabe journalist Ryan McMahon, who is on a quest to uncover the truth behind the deaths of numerous Indigenous people in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

What is Two-Spirit Identity?

For Love

The film tells stories from across the country about the effects of the Canadian child welfare system on different Indigenous communities and families.

Indigenous Arts Protocols

Indigenous arts protocols vary from nation to nation. They are based on principles of responsibility  and guide artistic practices to ensure respect for indigenous peoples and their knowledges.

But I Look Like A Lawyer

A video from the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (British Columbia) Society on the racism and mircoaggressions experienced by Asian Canadian lawyers.

5 Things You Need to Know About Reconciliation

From Len Pierre, the 5 Things You Need to Know About Reconciliation" that are foundational to understanding what the National Truth and Reconciliation means and what this means for participating in reconciliation moving forward. 

BLK: An Origin Story

An Origin Story acts as an immersive and informative chapter of Black Canadian history, elevating remarkable Black Canadians previously unacknowledged in mainstream social, academic, and cultural circles, normalizing their unique stories as a matter of general record.

Underground Railroad: The Secret History (2022)

Bringing new focus on the stories of those people who risked their lives in the ultimate pursuit of freedom and the methods used achieve liberty.  

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act creates a lasting and action-oriented framework to advance federal implementation of the Declaration in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous peoples. 

Subjects of Desire

This video examines the cultural shift in North American beauty standards towards embracing Black features and aesthetics, Subjects of Desire is a comprehensive exploration of Black female beauty in history and popular culture. 

K'naan Refugee

In this condensed life history, Wes FineDay, Nehiyaw Knowledge Keeper, discusses his resistance to colonial violence and his lifelong work and extensive knowledge of medicines, oral history, and ceremony.

Briser le code

Documentaire qui vise à faire prendre conscience qu’il existe encore un code de survit à suivre pour les personnes racisées et autochtones. Ne manquez pas les capsules d’accompagnements.

TEDx: Architecture – diversité oubliée des peoples autochtones

Maya Cousineau Mollen raconte comment les Premiers Peuples, anciennement nomades et sédentarisés par la colonisation, utilisent l’architecture pour réapproprier leur identité.

Le 11 septembre et moi

Une série de dix émissions de Chloé Mercier qui rassemble des artistes de diverses disciplines pour nous raconter, à leurs façons, leur vie avant et après le 11 septembre 2001.

Cette petite voix

On connaît tous cette voix qui nous dicte de rester en silence lorsqu’on est témoin ou victime d’un comportement non inclusif. Plutôt que d’écouter cette petite voix intérieure, faites résonner celle qui vous permettra d’appuyer ouvertement l’inclusion.

Podcasts & Audio

Dare to Lead with
Brené Brown

Conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead. 

Unblocking Us

Conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart. 

All Our Relations

This powerful CBC Massey Lectures series, by Tanya Talaga explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples. 

How to Be

This podcast with professor Ibram X. Kendi and Brené Brown focuses on a groundbreaking approach to understanding uprooting racism and inequality in our society and in ourselves. 

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

For years, racism has been defined by the violence of far-right extremists, but a more insidious kind of prejudice can be found at the heart of respectable society. Listen to this Guardian Long Read by Reni Eddo-Lodge. Read her book too

Code Switch

Hosted by journalists of colour, this podcast tackles the subject of race head-on. It explore how it impacts every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between. 

Seeing White

Where did the notion of “whiteness” come from? What does it mean? What is whiteness for?  Radio host and producer John Biewen takes a deep dive into these questions, along with leading scholars and regular guest Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika. 

Transgender Representation

Brené Brown with Laverne Cox discuss Transgender Representation, Advocacy + the Power of Love.

LGBTQ2 Inclusion+

A Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion for HR, People, & DEI Leaders from Feminuity.

Book Women Podcast
masinahikan iskwêwak 

A podcast where three Métis aunties figure out how to publish, edit, and write Indigenous stories.

Black Girls' Trauma Should Not be Ignored

In this NPR broadcast, Me Too' Founder Tarana Burke Says Black girls' trauma shouldn't be ignored. Note: Contains discussion of rape and sexaul assault.

Songs for Difficult Times

Mavis Staples is a legend of the music world. Yola is a singer-songwriter whose star is on the rise. Mavis and Yola take turns sharing songs — by other artists — that have helped carry them through difficult times.

Colour Code

Hosts Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung talk about race in Canada.

Body Language | The Problem of Too Much Body 

One of five podcast from CBC's Ideas on body language and body positivity.


Media criticism, news analysis and investigations with host Jesse Brown. The #1 Canadian podcast. 


RECLAIMED is a weekly series on CBC Music that explores the many worlds of contemporary Indigenous music.

Murray Sinclair on our journey to reconciliation

Join Rosanna Deerchild for a revealing and poignant conversation with Murray Sinclair, former Senator and Lead Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

Decoding Black

Dr. Christopher Stuart Taylor and Leticia Rose challenge themselves and their listeners, to deconstruct the narratives that surround diverse Black identities and share distinct views on the social constructions of what it means to be Black in Canada and beyond.

Nice Racism

Robin DiAngelo and Erica Chidi share strong and soft tools for engaging in difficult, beautiful, and potentially life-changing conversations. 

First Peoples Lawcast

A podcast on the defence of Indigenous rights.

Don’t Call Me Resilient 

Host Vinita Srivastava takes us  deep into conversations with scholars and activists who view the world through an anti-racist lens. Instead of calling those who have survived the pain of systemic racism resilient, this podcast goes in search of solutions.

Myth of Normal, Part One

Brain variations which were once advantages are now seen as burdens and disorders that beg for remedies. In this two-part series, IDEAS traces the social and cultural response to brain variation and whether there's a way back to seeing them as advantages.

Myth of Normal, Part Two

Brain variations which were once advantages are now seen as burdens and disorders that beg for remedies. In this two-part series, IDEAS traces the social and cultural response to brain variation and whether there's a way back to seeing them as advantages.

What is Two-Spirit Identity?

While the term  Two Spirit, is relatively new, it's an age-old concept for Indigenous people. Here's how it went from a sacred role to an underground tradition then back again. 

Don't be scared to talk about disabilities. 

Here's what to know and what to say

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Inspiring audio stories for girls

A Shot of Melanin

Join Michelle as she discusses various topics through a black millennial lens. A shot of melanin is around having black voices telling their stories and on what it’s like being Black In Canada. It’s about having the conversation in the community so that we listen, learn and grow.

Black Girl Podcast

Hilarious conversations about life issues, sisterhood, pop culture, love, growth, and the pursuit of their dreams to the public. Listen every week as their differing opinions and life experiences lead them to understand themselves, and the world around them, a little bit better.

Black Canadian Content Creators

This podcast is for anyone looking to start their journey or get inspired by fellow content creators. This seasonal interview-style series spotlights a wide range of Canadian creatives -- Bloggers, Podcasters, Journalists, Authors, Writers, YouTubers, Photographers, Videographers, Directors, Musicians, Visual Artists, Producers, Content Strategists, Influencers, and more. 

Women of Colour

Hosted by founder and podcast marketing coach Danielle Desir Corbett, Women of Color Podcasters is an empowerment podcast highlighting the untold stories, accomplishments, and expertise of influential Women of Color (WOC) audio creators and professionals who impact how we create and consume podcasts.

Beyond Asian

Beyond Asian is a place for stories of global nomads with Asian roots, brought up in diversity. These are more than conversations about Asian identity - they’re portraits of whole people - what keeps them up at night, what their hearts long for, and the impact they hope to have on their communities.

Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, Is This Racist?, hosted by Andrew Ti, creator of the popular blog of the same name, is a weekly podcast. Every Wednesday, Ti, co-host Tawny Newsome, and their guests answer questions from fan-submitted voicemails and emails about whether or not something is, in fact, racist.

Warrior Life

This is an Indigenous podcast about the warrior life - featuring the voices of Indigenous warriors, advocates & leaders on the front lines of Indigenous resistance, resurgence and revitalization, who are protecting our lands, peoples and sovereignty. 

Laissez-nous raconter : l’histoire crochie

L’histoire collective a été écrite d'un point de vue colonialiste. Ici, les Premiers Peuples reprennent le bâton de parole pour raconter leur vision de l'histoire. Animé par Marie-Andrée Gill.

Oser s’en parler 

En en mettant de l’avant des voix autochtones, on désapprend et déconstruit le malaise et l’inertie allochtones.

Ça s’est passé ainsi

Contes traditionnels autochtones, transmis de génération en génération et ancrés dans le présent.

Books & Articles

If possible, please try to order books from local community booksellers. Find them here.

Caste: The Origins of our Discontents

A book steeped in empathy and insight, Caste explores, through layered analysis and stories of real people, the structure of an unspoken system of human ranking and reveals how our lives are still restricted by what divided us centuries ago.

I've  Been Meaning to Tell You

Hailed by Toni Morrison as “required reading,” a bold and personal literary exploration of America’s racial history by “the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States

So You Want to Talk About Race

How do you tell your roommate her jokes are racist? How do you explain white privilege to your white, privileged friend? Ijeoma Oluo guides readers of all races through subjects ranging from intersectionality and affirmative action to “model minorities.” 

I'm Still Here

In a time when nearly all institutions (schools, churches, universities, businesses) claim to value "diversity" in their mission statements, I'm Still Here is a powerful account of how and why our actions so often fall short of our words.

I've  Been Meaning to Tell You

When a moment of quietly ignored bigotry prompted his three-year-old daughter to ask "what happened?" David Chariandy began wondering how to discuss with his children the politics of race. A decade later, he writes a letter to his now thirteen-year-old daughter. David is the son of Black and South Asian migrants from Trinidad.

The Hanging of Angelique

Writer, historian and poet Afua Cooper tells the astonishing story of Marie-Joseph Angélique, a slave woman convicted of starting a fire in Montréal in April 1734 and condemned to die a brutal death. In a powerful retelling of Angélique’s story Cooper builds on 15 years of research to shed new light on a rebellious Portuguese-born black woman who refused to accept her indentured servitude. 

You Are Your Best Thing

A stunning collection of essays, edited by Tarana Burke and Brené Brown, that explore the trauma of white supremacy and the beauty and fullness of Black humanity and Black possibility. 

My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement

Tarana Burke debuts a powerful memoir about her own journey to saying those two simple yet infinitely powerful words-me too-and how she brought empathy back to an entire generation in one of the largest cultural events in American history.

They Said This Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, & Growing up

By Canadian writer Eternity Martis, this is a powerful, moving memoir about what it's like to be a student of colour on a predominantly white campus. 

The Racial Healing Handbook

A powerful and practical guide to help you navigate racism, challenge privilege, manage stress and trauma, and begin to heal.

56 Books By Women and Nonbinary Writers of Color to Read in 2020 

Diversify your reading list with forthcoming novels, collections, and memoirs

The Skin
We're In

This best-selling book explores life in Canada as a Black person. See our Films and Docs section above to watch the companion documentary

The Inconvenient Indian

Thomas King's critical and personal meditation on what it means to be "Indian" in North America.  

Grandmother's Hands, My

Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act

Based on a viral article, this is an essential guide to understanding the legal document and its repercussion on generations of Indigenous Peoples.

Warrior Life

Pamela Palmater addresses a range of Indigenous issues — empty political promises, ongoing racism, sexualized genocide, government lawlessness, and the lie that is reconciliation — and makes the complex political and legal implications accessible to the public. 

Indigenous Nationhood

Fiercely anti-racist and anti-colonial, this book is intended to help rebuild the connections between Indigenous citizens and their home communities, local governments and Indigenous Nations for the benefit of future generations.

Beyond Blood

Pamela Palmater examines contemporary court rulings dealing with Aboriginal rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in relation to Indigenous identity. She also examines various band membership codes to determine how they affect Indigenous identity, and how their reliance on status criteria perpetuates discrimination. 

Indigenous Ally Toolkit

A guide on allyship by the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network.

Seven Fallen Feathers

The groundbreaking and multiple award-winning national bestseller work about systemic racism, education, the failure of the policing and justice systems, and Indigenous rights by Tanya Talaga.

Braiding Sweet Grass

Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teaching of Plants

Celia's Song

By Lee Maracle, Celia's Song relates one Nu:Chahlnuth family's harrowing experiences over several generations, after the brutality, interference, and neglect resulting from contact with Europeans.

My Conversations With Canadians

This book by Lee Maracle touches upon subjects such as citizenship, segregation, labour, law, prejudice and reconciliation (to name a few).

I Am Woman

First published in 1988, I Am Woman remains a seminal book on racism and feminism in Canada. Author Lee Maracle confronts the legacy of colonialism with academic precision and seeks to empower Indigenous women and girls. 


By Lee Maracle, Ravensong is a moving drama that includes elements of prophecy, mythology, cultural critique, and even humour. 

Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel

Lee Maracle's Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel tells the narrative of an Indigenous woman raised in North America who finds her strength despite the forces that challenge and oppress her. 

Valley of the Birdtale

An Indian reserve, a white town and the road to reconciliation.

Must Read Books by Indigenous Authors

From page-turning science fiction to moving memoirs, celebrate the stories and voices of Native American and Indigenous authors.

How Canadian Black Women in the Film Industry Are Breaking the Mould

Onscreen diversity has made unprecedented leaps forward, but behind the scenes, barriers blocking Black women from the director’s chair have been tougher to take down.

62 Books by Women of Color to Read in 2023

These highly anticipated books tell important and rarely amplified stories.

Where Gender-Neutral Pronouns Come From

A fascinating Atlantic article on the history of gender-neutral pronouns.

Oxfam Inclusive Language Guide

DEI Deconstructed

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Doing the Work and Doing it Right

Inclusion on Purpose

An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work

Being Black in Canada

Being Black in Canada offers a window into the struggles while celebrating the culture and achievements of the Black communities.

The Conscious Kid

A rich source of resources to teach children about race

The Emperor Has No Clothes - by Tema Okun

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People Who Don’t Want to Know offers theoretical grounding and practical approaches for leaders and teachers interested in effectively addressing racism and other oppressive constructs.

Disabled Magazine

This online magazine provides information and inspiration on living with disabilities. It covers, news, lifestyle, sport, health, beauty and more.

50 Ways to Fight Bias

Companies need to act now to promote, hire, and retain women—and 50 Ways to Fight Bias can help.

Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome

 “Imposter syndrome,” or doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud at work, is a diagnosis often given to women. But the fact that it’s considered a diagnosis at all is problematic.    

Black Ballad

Black balled is a UK based lifestyle platform that seeks to tell the human experience through the eyes of British black women.

A Guide to Ramadan

A Guide to Ramadan for the Film, TV, Cinema and Stage Industry: How You Can Support Your Colleagues 

Must Read Books From Indigenous Authors

From page-turning science fiction to moving memoirs, celebrate the stories and voices of Native American and Indigenous authors.

Racial Trauma and Everyday Health

Racial trauma can be passed down from generation to generation. It can happen on large and small scales. It is all bad for health.  


Un livre composé de très courts récits qui lient ensemble des événements de la vie de l’auteur Kim Thúy, de sa naissance au Vietnam pendant la guerre et qui poursuit à au-delà de son accueil dans une petite ville du Québec.

Petit traité sur le racisme 

Dany Laferrière se penche sur cette question de racisme non pas en politique ou en pamphlétaire, mais en écrivain. Il se place en héritier de James Baldwin et met de la chair et de la douleur dans cette tragédie. 

Se relever sans mains ni pieds

En mars 2012, Marie-Sol St-Onge, artiste peintre passionnée, perd ses quatre membres. Avec un certain recul, elle partage l’optimisme qui l’habite et les combats qu’elle a mené.

Cartographie de l’amour décolonial 

Dans ce recueil, l'écrivaine et militante autochtone Leanne Betasamosake Simpson explore l'existence des peuples et collectivités autochtones, en particulier celle de sa propre nation nishnaabeg.


Dans ce roman de Michel Jean qui raconte la sédentarisation forcée des Innus, Almanda Siméon, une blanche, tombe amoureuse d’un Innu de Mashteuiatsh et choisira une vie nomade avec lui.

Les visages de la terre de Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui

Ancrée dans ses racines wendat, le poète explore le deuil d’ancêtre, modernité et spiritualité tout en proximité à la nature qui l’entoure.

Canadian Film & TV Resources 

Elevate Inclusion Strategies

Elevate’s signature training programs for film and television industry professionals are designed to give everyone on production the inclusive leadership and workplace skills needed to thrive and grow in their careers. Elevate offers foundational training and in-depth courses for studios, production companies, and unions and guilds. 

Indigenous Screen Office

The ISO champions Indigenous screen-based storytellers and narrative sovereignty in Canada through its funding and advocacy work. It supports Indigenous companies, communities and individuals to share their diverse stories and perspectives across all screen platforms.

Indigenous Screen Office Report: Building Trust and Accountability

This report analyzes and explores considerations for eligibility, including definitions, and criteria needed to identify Indigenous applicants for the purposes of Indigenous-specific funding and support, and to develop policy recommendations and a framework for Indigenous-specific funding.

Black Screen Office

The Black Screen Office (BSO) works independently and in collaboration with screen industry decision-makers and creators to make Canada’s screen industries equitable and free of anti-Black racism. Through ground-breaking research, innovative workforce initiatives and education and advocacy, the BSO creates and supports opportunities for Black Canadians to have thriving careers in the screen industries and to share their onscreen stories globally. 

BSO: Being Heard Report

The Being Heard Report, from the Black Screen Office (BSO), reveals What Black Screen Industry Workers Do, Know and Experience. The report is a first-of-its-kind accounting of the prevalence and experiences of Black screen industry workers in Canada. By finally centering Black industry workers, Being Heard provides a clear picture of their objectives and the universal obstacles they face in trying to reach them.  

BSO: Being Counted Report

Being Counted reveals the viewing habits and preferences of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour audiences in Canada by exploring survey data that is usually hidden in “general population” of traditional audience surveys. 

BSO: Being Seen Report

Black and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, People of Colour and People with Disabilities are severely underrepresented across Canada’s film, television and digital media industries. Being Seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content, we have produced a practical tool for decision-makers to recognize their blind spots, remove systemic gaps and create truly authentic, inclusive content.

BSO: Being Seen:  The Black Communities Report

The Being Seen: The Black Communities Report provides guidance in creating and commissioning more authentic and representative screen-based content that engages with Black community(ies).

BSO: Being Seen: People of Colour Community Report

The Being Seen: People of Colour Community Report looks at the perspectives of people who identify as being from the South Asian, East Asian and Southeast Asian, West Asian and Latinx and Brazilian communities.

BSO: Being Seen: 2SLGBTQIA+ Communities

The Being Seen: 2SLGBTQIA+ Communities Report looks at how these communities currently view their representation onscreen, the consequences of poor representation and what they want to see more of.

BSO: Being Seen:  People with Disabilities Communities Report

The Being Seen: People with Disabilities Report digs into the responses from consultations and interviews that were unique to those who identify as members of the People with Disabilities communities, namely: stereotypes; consequences of poor representation; and what they want to see more of.

BSO: Being Seen:
Children's Media Report

The Being Seen: Children’s Media Report looks specifically at the insights of children and youth, their parents, and creators and producers of children’s media who also belong to the target communities. 

Racial Equity Screen Office (RESO)

RESO supports the mentorship, training, funding, production, and distribution of content by racialized Canadian filmmakers with diverse stories, told through a diasporic migrant lens with a major goal to build greater business opportunities and markets for content from racialized communities in and outside of Canada. 


BIPOC TV & Film provides career training, mentorship, job access and wraparound services (mental wellness support, anti-racism and anti-discrimination workplace intervention) to racialized and Indigenous professionals working in Canada’s screen media industry.  

Disability Screen Office

The Disability Screen Office is a national, not-for-profit organization that works with the Canadian screen industry to eliminate accessibility barriers and foster authentic and meaningful disability representation throughout the sector.  

Access Reelworld

Access Reelworld is a fully searchable recruiting platform for Canadian creatives in the screen industry who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, and People of Colour. The database is the largest searchable hiring and job posting platform in Canada for racially diverse talent in over 100 job categories (above-the-line and below-the-line).

Black Women Film! Canada

A not for profit and community support network dedicated to the success of Black women professionals in film & media. BWF is dedicated to forwarding the careers, networks, and skills of filmmakers and media artists who are Black women identified in Canada. 

Creative Pathways

Creative Pathways is a comprehensive online hub for career seekers looking to get into the motion picture industry. Underpinning its value to B.C. is a sustainable collaboration framework built by industry for industry, complete with new employer services delivered through Creative BC to bridge diverse entrants with below-the-line production work experiences.

Creative Equity Roadmap

B.C.’s motion picture industry is undertaking transformative action – both independently and collectively – to achieve greater equity, diversity and inclusion. The Creative Equity Roadmap is designed as a central touchpoint to champion and unite the industry’s Justice, Equity, Decolonization, Diversity, and Inclusion work through shared foundations, and a common language and resources. 

Reelworld Screen Institute

The Reelworld Screen Institute and Reelworld Foundation are groundbreaking advocacy organizations in Canada that draw attention to the lack of racially diverse and indigenous talent in mainstream media - both in front of and behind the screen. 

Racialized Sexual Harassment: The Intersections of Race and Gender

The #MeToo movement shone a light on sexual harassment and assault in the Screen-based Production Sector. Until now, these issues have only been analyzed as they relate to gender. This adequately address the experiences of Women of Colour suffering from both sexualand racial discrimination.

Changing the Narrative Report

2020 Status of Canadian Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Canada's Screen-based Production Sector.

Women In View

Women in View is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening gender representation and diversity in Canadian media both on screen and behind the scenes. This is done this through a range of initiatives that seek to generate awareness, promote talent and spark dialogue across the full spectrum of production, policy and artistic arenas.

A Media Production Guide to Working with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities,  Cultures, Concepts and Stories. 

On-Screen Protocols & Pathways inspired by the remarkable Indigenous artists, leaders, and community members who have persevered in the screen industry for decades, and who have cleared the paths that have brought us to this point in time.

Memes that inspire us

Anti-Racist - Not Racist Graphic


Anti-Racism Learning 

A starting point to better understand racism and take action. From RRC Polytechnic.

Disability Toolkit

Don't be scared to talk about disabilities. Here's what to know and what to say


Indigenous Canada 

A  popular 12-lesson Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.

Catalyst -
Workplaces that Work for Women

Catalyst is a global nonprofit supported by many of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women. 

Your Team Inspirations


Yaa Gyasi's Homegoing is an acclaimed novel about race, history, ancestry, love and time, charting the course of two sisters torn apart in 18th century Africa through to the present day.

Such a Fun Age
by Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age is a page-turning and big-hearted story about race and privilege, set around a young black babysitter, her employer, and a surprising connection that threatens to undo them both.