Classroom Rules

  • Be respectful to adults, other students, and school property.
  • No bullying.
  • Use appropriate words and voice levels.
  • Be a friend.

Voice Levels

  • 4- outside/playground voices
  • 3- proud, presentation voice
  • 2- normal conversation voice
  • 1- whisper talk
  • 0- silence

CHAMPS! Classroom expectations for SUCCESS!

Other Classroom Procedures

Morning Check-in

  • Students will....
  • unpack and put their belongings in their cubbies.
  • place their homework on their desk for the teacher to collect.
  • start working on morning work independently while I take attendance, lunch count, and collect homework.


  • Students will....
  • walk behind the person in front of them
  • face forward
  • have their voices at a level 0 (silence)
  • have their hands at their sides


  • Students will...
  • stand one step off the wall
  • bathroom monitors will check the restrooms and let in the allowed number of students at a time (3 girls/1 boy)
  • have their voices at a level 0

End of Day

  • Students will...
  • fill out agenda books
  • gather homework and necessary books
  • pack up quickly and quietly
  • let teacher know how they're getting home that day
  • be dismissed.