EIS-J Parent Support Group

Mission for the group:

The PSG supports the development of the EISJ Community by cooperating to enrich the lives of the students, guiding parents towards a better understanding of the school vision and to supporting the school in endeavours to improve.

Our group is now active - See Class Rep and General List 

Meeting schedule - Meetings at 8am in the High School Library

PSG 2 - Meeting 27th November

PSG 3 - Meeting 22nd January

PSG 4 - Meeting 26th February

PSG 5 - Meeting 22nd April

PSG 6 - Meeting 24th June

More info on the role can be on the Information Page


Some parents have been asking about this so they are uploaded here for your information

Please note that other school policies can be found at https://www.eischools.ae/jumeirah/policies

Parents' handbook 2023.24 Primary.pdf
Parents' Handbook 2023.24 High School.pdf

We also have a welcome letter for High School Students and a Pastoral Handbook which will clarify any pastoral policies.

Welcome letter (2).docx
EISJ Contact Guide.pdf
Welcome Back (Pastoral) 2023-24.pdf