Merged By Magic: A Meeting of Minds

By Benjamin Marshall Tolen

A wizard creates a clone who ends up achieving an unintended legacy.

Paperbook and Ebook publication from Eight Buffalo Media Group LLC, available on Amazon through KDP! 

An adolescent named Artie Oswald shares the story of growing up, grappling with the burdens others have placed on him while trying to live his own life and do what is right. Artie's burden? He has just learned that he is a clone, created by a powerful old wizard named Uther Geoffrey after Uther's original body was destroyed. As Artie reaches puberty, Uther's personality and memories begin to emerge within him.

The re-awakened Uther discovers that his clone, Artie, already has a distinct adolescent personality. As Uther retrieves his memories, he realizes that his last body was destroyed by other wizards seeking his knowledge, though he is unsure what hidden information they were after. The wizard must help protect Artie, Artie's family, their loved ones, and himself while trying to uncover why others are so desperate to obtain the wizard's knowledge, now hidden away inside his clone's body.

Together, they must navigate multiple personalities, hormones, magic, school, demons, family, wizards, friends, bullies, and girls.

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Flame of Thunder: Poems and Paintings of Rageful and Skeptical Passion'

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