Emmanuelle MĂ©nage.

Dear students,

I'm so glad that you chose to study French, which is my mother tongue.

My goal is to encourage you to be curious and open-minded about the world and other cultures. Learning French does not happen overnight. It demands consistent study and persistence. Learning a language is like learning how to play the piano or football. You must practice to improve.

The first and second year French program - French 1 and 2 - is designed to help students develop the ability to communicate in spoken and written French.

You will be able to buy a baguette in a French bakery, introduce yourself, express feelings, or speak about your family and your favorite hobbies!

The more exposure you have to French, the better. Therefore, the class will take place almost entirely in French! Try to use what you do know! Don't crash the party by speaking English.

Work hard, be curious, and have fun speaking French!

If you have any questions or if I am unclear, please, feel free to reach out to me before, during, or after class. There are no stupid questions!

These are scary times, your well-being matters to me so please, let me know if you are dealing with issues relating to the pandemic.

Tel: 406 227 7730/7740