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Corona Gym Solution

The impact of COVID-19 has forever changed gym economics. EGYM is bringing back the fitness industry by unleashing a wave of new features across all our hard- and software designed to support your fitness or health facility's ability to open safely, swiftly, and with a brand new training program to help you meet changed member expectations in an immunity-conscious world.

Get #READY to reopen your gym with the Corona Gym Solution by EGYM.

Let's face it: The world has changed!

The new normal is here to stay.

It could take 12-18 months for humanity to develop a vaccine, and with experts forecasting the potential for another wave by end of the year, you need to prepare your gym for a new world order that requires compliance with changed operational requirements and policies.

Are you ready to meet changed regulations?

Gym-goers are now healthseekers.

The days of fitness solely for vanity and beauty are behind us. COVID-19 has merely accelerated trends we have been observing for years now - the emergence of healthseekers and members with fitness goals related to their personal health. This is changing the expectations around fitness.

Are you ready to meet new member expectations?

There might be more lockdowns.

You have already lost months of foregone membership fees, personal training you could not sell, and classes you could not fill. With recurring lockdowns looming on the horizon, you need to ensure you are prepared for the economic effects and have a Plan B.

Are you ready to safeguard your business?

Prepare for the new normal with Corona Gym Solution

Update your infrastructure to meet new rules and requirements

EGYM has created a series of new features that help you comply and manage new requirements.

Meet changed member demand around health and fitness.

EGYM supports with you with marketing kits, so your promotion can hit the ground running.

Offer smart and effective training for the health needs of your members.

EGYM has developed a brand new immunity training program called Immunity Boost!

Here are some of our key innovations:

Help your members get and stay healthy with our dedicated Immunity Boost training program.

Manage capacity restrictions with the EGYM Branded Member App and our new Training Slot Booking feature.

Grow beyond your physical location, by building your mobile presence with a custom Branded Member App.

#READY to unlock your fitness or health facility?

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