Reopen After COVID19

Overcome challenges and barriers in a post-COVID19 fitness industry with the Immunity Plus Solution by EGYM

The impact of COVID-19 has forever changed gym economics. EGYM is helping gyms and health facilities to reopen in a safe, swift, and effective manner. Our new Immunity Plus Solution was designed to address the new challenges faced by gym owners, including new regulations, changed member expectations, and the looming threat of additional lockdowns.

Immunity Plus Solution

Helping gym operators navigate the new realities of reopening their gyms.

Software: The EGYM Branded Member App

Online Community

For members who want to continue their fitness journeys at home

Slot Booking

Manage capacity restrictions and simplify complex scheduling

Improved Training Programs

Newly designed to help members boost their immunity

Hardware: EGYM's State-of-the-Art Smart Strength Equipment

Optimize Your Training Floor

Maximize the space of your gym floor, even while adhering to social distancing guidelines

Safe & Swift Workouts

Move people through short but effective workouts safely and efficiently

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