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Yearbook Pick-Up and Signing Party Info

You may have seen an email that advertised a July 15th pick-up date. That date had to change; read more below:

Hey, Wolfpack!

As *soon* as we have a finalized date where we can guarantee the beautiful yearbooks will be here and ready to distribute, we're going to drop that information right here for you.

We need to finalize a date with the printing plant and are unfortunately at the mercy of that timing. When the books are here, we'll host a Yearbook Pick-up and Signing Party at CO.

In the meantime, know that we can't wait for you to see this year's book, and to give you one last opportunity to meet up with your fellow CO students (in person!) to catch up and sign one another's yearbooks -- just like in the Before Times!

Details coming soon about the date of that event ^^, and about what to do if you can't make it on that date.

Thank you SO SO much for your patience and understanding -- we so appreciate it

Please see the decision tree below to determine next steps!

FYI, this flier was made to be handed out on paper, hence the QR codes.

Both QR codes link back to links available on this site:

  • the info immediately above ^^

  • the link to buy your yearbook -- a button at the top of this page

Need to be convinced to buy this year's book? We're glad you asked!

YBK Marketing Slides

Yearbook Survey + Upload pictures!

Take our Yearbook survey to weigh in with your data (answers to poll-like questions), your pictures if you have them, and your thoughts/ideas. Click on the image below.

Thank you!

Meet the Editors

Gabi Lipsky: Editor in Chief

Hi my name is Gabi Lipsky and I am the Editor-in-Chief for the year of 2020-2021. I play softball competitively and for the COHS varsity team. I have been playing since I was 4 years old and I have been in yearbook for all four years of high school and I love it. I'm going to SJSU to major in Journalism, I love the journalistic part of Yearbook, being able to capture people's stories and create memories that last generations.

Leila Tam:

Design Editor

Hi my name is Leila Tam and I am the Yearbook Style Editor for the year of 2020-2021. I enjoy working on the pages and exercising my creative side. I have made great relationships with teachers, staffers, and peers. I hope you consider buying your yearbook each year because it takes immense hard work and dedication to construct it.

Haley Dills:

Communications Editor

My name is Haley Dills and I am the Yearbook Communications Editor for the year of 2020-2021. Yearbook has been a great creative outlet for me and I love that I can create relationships with the staffers!

Maria Salgado:

Style Editor

Hi my name is Maria Salgao and I am the Coverage Editor for the year of 2020-2021. I'm so happy to be working on the yearbook this year and I love to work with different grade levels and design each page. I love to take pictures and spend time with my family. Something interesting about myself is that I have been in yearbook for 4 years.

Madeline Stiehl:

Copy Editor

My name is Madeline Stiehl and I am the Copy Editor for the year of 2020-2021. I love getting to work with staffers and help them learn how to successfully create a spread. A fun fact about me is that I am CO's feature baton twirler! I like to compete in my sport all over the United States and in other countries too!

Picture Day Flyer.pdf

COHS Picture Day: 3/8-3/11

We are SO excited to announce that we have been given the green light to invite students on campus to take school pictures and issue ID cards for the 2020-21 school year!

When: March 8th-11th from 2:30pm-5:30pm (in conjunction with Textbook drop-off

  • Freshmen—Monday March 8

  • Sophomores—Tuesday March 9

  • Juniors—Wednesday March 10

  • Seniors—Thursday March 11 (only if you want/need an ID card, as your senior portrait will be used for the yearbook)

Where: Multipurpose Room

  • Students will enter via the front door of the MP Room from the parking lot.

  • They will wait outside on marked spots until called to limit the number of students inside at any time for safety.

  • Students will then exit through the doors near the MP Room patio, then out the Gym gate to return to their cars

How: You MUST PRE-BOOK your appointments here (No walk-ins allowed)

Cost: FREE!

  • These pictures are not only a great way to record your child’s growth in school, they will be featured in the yearbook! This is your chance to make sure ALL students are represented in the annual CO publication done by a professional and at no charge to you!

  • If you DO wish to purchase pictures, they can be ordered ahead of time or within two days of your picture session at and enter the picture day code EVT69XMJW. Pictures must be ordered online and paper forms onsite will not be accepted to minimize contact in accordance with our COVID-19 protocols. An order form attached can help you determine packages and prices.

  • Click the PDF to the left for additional information on ordering photos.

Additional Information:

  • Individual pictures only (no group photos)

  • Parents must wait in the car.

  • Parking may be done in the parking lot in front of the MP Room.

  • You do not have to be dropping off books to get a picture taken. If you are dropping off books, we suggest to take your picture first, then drive through the library to deliver the returns on the way out.

  • Face coverings must be worn by everyone in attendance at all times. Student can remove their mask for the photo, then must replace as soon as the photo is complete.

  • Students will enter via the front door of the MP Room from the parking lot. They will wait outside on marked spots until called to limit the number of students inside at any time for safety. Students will then exit through the doors near the MP Room patio, then out the Gym gate to return to their cars.

  • Students will receive their ID cards on site before leaving.

If you have any additional questions regarding the logistics of Picture Day, please get in contact with Mr. Mason. If you have any questions regarding Picture Day and the Yearbook, please click on the "Contact Us" button above.

Upcoming Senior Deadlines

Senior Portraits

March 5th: Last day to take Senior Portraits (any portraits taken AFTER this date will not be included in the yearbook). March 5th is also the deadline to choose which picture you would like to use.

TO SCHEDULE SENIOR PORTRAITS: please contact Prestige Studio to make your appointment if you haven't already. Once you take your picture, you don't need to take any further action to ensure your picture is in the book; that all happens on our end. Of course you can order prints for your own use, but that's separate from yearbook's role.

Please note that we are under contract with Prestige, and taking a picture through them is THE ONLY WAY to have a senior portrait in the yearbook. Remember that there is a free option; you just have to tell them you only want the yearbook photo and nothing else

click here 👆to schedule your appointment or to choose your picture(s) from your session.


Senior Quotes

In the Spring of each school year, the yearbook staff collects quotes from the Senior Class to feature in the yearbook beneath their senior portrait. The purpose of a senior quote is to afford all of you an opportunity to include something in the yearbook that leaves an impression of your "current self" so that your "future self" can reconnect with this incredibly memorable journey you've traveled throughout high school.

These quotes don't need to be written by famous people, or be inspirational, they should simply represent something about YOU. It can be a phrase you always said during sophomore year, some word you've coined over the years, a philosophy that you feel represents you, or anything else that showcases the uniqueness of who you are. It can be funny, reflective, factual, inspiring, cynical, or long as it represents you as a person, and is appropriate to put in print.

We can't wait to include these special words in the yearbook this year. Click the "Senior Quote Submission" button to the left to submit your senior quote today!

🔎Fine Print: All quotes once submitted are final (no resubmissions). If your initial quote is inappropriate you will not be allowed to submit a new one, and you will forfeit your chance of having a senior quote in the yearbook so keep it classy and keep it clean!

Senior Quotes are due MARCH 5th. No extensions, no exceptions!

Senior Ads

The DEADLINE to purchase an 1/8-page, 1/4-page, 1/2-page, or full-page tribute for your senior in this year's yearbook is also MARCH 5th.

You can design and pay for your tribute/"senior ad" by clicking on this button 👇

1/8-page ad: $40 1/4-page ad: $75

1/2-page ad: $150 full-page ad: $300