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October 16th, 2018

All throughout the school we are talking about FAIRNESS. Last month, we talked about respect, and I was so impressed with all of the many ways the students of Bell Top showed their respect to me! They were kind, kept their voices low and hands to themselves unless Mrs. Gibbs or Mrs. Willis gave them permission to pet me... It was so cool! The students of Bell Top impress me more and more every day. Mrs. Gibbs was explaining to me what fairness means, and she said that "everyone's needs are being met, even if it isn't equal". On the announcements, she shared the example of eating an orange, because FAIRNESS is the color orange (remember, respect is yellow, like the golden rule!) When you open up the orange, there are different parts or sections. If you were sharing this orange with a friend, but that friend was much hungrier than you, they would get more pieces of the orange. That is not equal, but it is FAIR because both you and your friends needs are being met.

This made me think of a way that I see fairness every day. When Mrs. Gibbs and I walk down the hallway, there are students who run up to her and say "Mrs. Gibbs! Do I get to go with you today?" and a lot of the time, Mrs. Gibbs has to say "not today, but hopefully soon!" and sometimes the students respond with "but that's not fair, you see other kids more than you see me!". This breaks Mrs. Gibbs' heart because she would love to spend EQUAL time with all of the students of Bell Top, but there is not enough time in the day! There are some students who NEED to work with Mrs. Gibbs more than others. Therefore, even though Mrs. Gibbs does not split her time equally with all of the students of Bell Top, it is still FAIR, because Mrs. Gibbs is meeting the needs of the students of Bell Top.

Fairness is difficult for me to understand. It makes it easier when I remember that we all have different needs. I need dog food, human children do not. It is still FAIR that Mrs. Gibbs feeds me dog food all day long because I need it because it is how she trains me. She does not feed the students dog food all day long, because they do not NEED it!

My challenge to you: Instead of screaming out "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" try to pause, take a mindful moment and a deep breath and think of how your needs may be different from someone else's.

Love, Auggie

Above is a picture of me being a really good boy in Mrs. Monk's kindergarten class!

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October 8th, 2018

I have something else to say today... and it's that I just LOVE receiving mail! The other day I was playing with my toys in Mrs. Gibbs office, and then I got up and went to the door and Mrs. Gibbs couldn't understand why! When she looked over, she saw me reading a letter that a student had slid under the door! I got so excited to receive another letter, that I had to go check it out immediately! Please keep writing me letters! They are so much fun to receive, and even more fun to respond to!

xoxxx Auggie

October 8th, 2018

The other day, I got to go in Ms. Bernard's classroom, and I had SO much fun! Ms. Bernard invited Mrs. Gibbs and I into her classroom because the students in her classroom did so well at our first Final Touch assembly, and did a terrific job showing respect to in the hallways. I had so much fun in their classroom! They gave me so many pets and I loved every second of it!! Thank you, Ms. Bernard for having me in your room! I cannot wait to come back!

Love, Auggie

September 27th, 2018

Things I love: playing outside, kids, bouncy balls and the cool autumn air! Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Willis take me out in the morning to play ball and get some energy out before the school day starts. I know that if I don't do this, it is difficult for me to be ready and willing to learn in the morning. My favorite days to do this are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Wanna know why? ....RUNNING CLUB!!! I love being outside for running club. One of my goals is to be able to run free with the kids in the morning at running club. Right now, I need to show Mrs. Gibbs that I can be trusted to be around kids and make safe, healthy choices when I am excited. This means that Mrs. Gibbs needs to see that I am not going to jump on kids or bark or knock anyone over! It is difficult for me to keep control over my body when I am excited. Do you ever feel that way? Right now, I will just play ball off to the side while the students run. I will do my best and work really hard to show Mrs. Gibbs & Mrs. Willis that I can be trusted to be safe around the students, and that I RESPECT them enough to not jump on them, even when I am excited!

Love, Auggie

September 20th, 2018

On Tuesday, I read this book in Mrs. Lyte's 1st grade classroom with Mrs. Gibbs & Mrs. Willis. It is such a great book! It teaches students how to respect dogs like me. Mrs. Gibbs put a link to the book on the resources page of this website... I love that the book teaches students appropriate ways to interact with me... It is all about RESPECT! Our character education pillar of the month! When students show respect to me, I show respect back!

September 20th, 2018

Check out the art project Ms. Powers did below! To celebrate Dot Day, Ms. Powers had all of her students create their dot. She then made one for me, Auggie, with my paw print! Then she turned all of the dots into bubbles, and created a bubble wand for me! Ms. Powers is so creative. It made me feel so happy and special that she used me in one of her amazing projects! Click the link below for more information on dot day!

September 17th, 2018

Last week was my first full week of school and I had so much fun! Every time I see students walking down the hallway, I just want to play with them! There are so many friendly faces in this school. Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Willis have brought me into so many classrooms and every single classroom I have gone into has shown me so much RESPECT, which Mrs. Gibbs has told me is the character education pillar of the month! Mrs. Gibbs and I went on the announcements on Friday 9/14 to talk about respect. I received a letter from a student asking me to define respect because they felt confused. I like this definition of respect... "YOU CARE ENOUGH ABOUT OTHERS' FEELINGS BEFORE YOU ACT". In the video below, you will see that i respect Mrs. Gibbs when she gives me a command. It's hard for me to always follow directions and listen, but I do try my hardest! Do you ever feel like you know what you are supposed to be doing, but it is still hard for you to follow directions? I know I feel that way sometimes. But I stop what I am doing, and think about how my actions make Mrs. Gibbs feel, and I choose to listen to her so that she knows that I respect her.

Check out the PICTURES page of this website to see more pictures of students respecting me when they interact with me. Below is just one picture of a 5th grade student in Mrs. Schielke's class showing me AND Mrs. Gibbs respect. In this picture, she is petting me, while looking Mrs. Gibbs in the eyes while Mrs. Gibbs gives her directions to pet me gently and slowly. She listened to Mrs. Gibbs, and is following the directions Mrs. Gibbs gave her. This is such a great example of respect in one picture!

September 6th, 2018 7:50 pm

I had a great first day of school, and I hope you all did too! It was so much fun to see all of you, and all of the teachers and parents walking around! Did any of you feel scared about the first day of school? I know I did... It was a double dip feeling kind of a day. A double dip feeling is when you have 2 feelings at once! Like today: I felt both excited and scared. I imagine it's like going on a roller coaster (which I have never done and will never do but Mrs. Gibbs told me about them!) I felt so excited to see all of my new friends at school, but I also felt some butterflies in my belly about it too. Do you know that feeling? Like there are butterflies zooming around in your stomach? I felt that this morning. But there were so many moments throughout my day today when I was having so much fun that I forgot all about the butterflies and didn't feel them at all! I hope that happened for you too. That you were able to forget about your butterflies, even if it was only for a second! What I know now is that tomorrow when I go to school, I will be more excited than scared! But, if I ever feel scared again in the future, that is ok too! It's ok to be scared! It's ok to be excited! It's ok to have double dip, or even triple dip feelings too!

And now after this scary and exciting first day, it's time for me to go to sleep! I can barely keep my eyes open! Below are 2 pictures Mrs. Gibbs took of me today! I loved wearing my back to school themed bandana!

See you tomorrow!


September 4th, 2018

Today was a great day! I came to school and I got to meet all of the teachers at Bell Top! It made me feel so excited to come to school every day. I am such a lucky little puppy! All of the teachers at Bell Top were so nice, just like Ms. Gibbs told me! I took a nap in Mrs. Gibbs office today while she was at a meeting... all of this summer fun has made me one sleepy puppy! I love my crate in Mrs. Gibbs' office, and look forward to spending time in Mrs. Gibbs' office, as well as throughout the school! Hopefully the temperature drops though... today was HOT!

Enjoy your last day of summer! I can't wait to see all of you so soon!


August 22nd, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Today, I went on a very special field trip! Mrs. Gibbs lives right down the street from a preschool that her friend Jenna owns and runs. So, Mrs. Gibbs and I walked down to Community Roots School and met 8 new friends! These friends were all 4 years old, and great listeners! Mrs. Gibbs told them to pet me from my neck to my tail, while she pet my head, and all of the kids listened to her directions! They were so gentle with me, which I really liked. All of the petting made me feel so sleepy! I loved being around the kids today. It made me feel so excited that only 2 WEEKS from tomorrow I get to meet all of you! I hope that you all will be just as good of listeners as these little 4 year olds were today. Mrs. Gibbs tells me all the time that Bell Top kids are nice and fun and great listeners-- I cannot wait to see this when we get to school! I love kids!

I hope you get to meet some new people soon. I have met so many new people since I moved in with Mrs. Gibbs. Meeting new people can be scary. Doing anything new can feel scary! But it is so important to do new things, even when, and especially when they are scary. That is what builds our confidence! Meeting 8 kids was scary for me today. But now I know that I LOVE kids! Now I won't be scared when I go to school and see all of you in 2 weeks! But if I didn't meet those kids today, I probably would have been scared to meet all of you. So, my challenge to you in the next 2 weeks, is to get out of your comfort zone and do something that is scary or uncomfortable for you. I cannot wait to hear all about the scary things that you faced when school starts!

Put on your superhero cape and face something scary! You can do it!

Love, Auggie

August 14th, 2018

Hello again! It's me, Auggie! I wanted to share some thoughts about doing hard things. Being that I am just a little puppy, so many things are hard for me. There are so many things that I am too small to do, and just so many things that I can't do... YET! But I have learned something about perseverance since I came home with Mrs. Gibbs. PERSEVERANCE is a really big word! It means that you keep trying, even when something is hard. Perseverance means that you don't give up when something is challenging or difficult for you. I know that when things get hard you want to give up. Everything is hard for me right now! I am so small and so young, sometimes it feels like I can't do anything. But... I just keep trying. I PERSEVERE! So, when I first got home with Mrs. Gibbs, I was really scared of the stairs up to front door of our apartment. I didn't want to even look at them, let alone try to walk up them! But every day, I got closer to them. Then one day I put on foot on them, then another foot... then one day I climbed one step! It was SO SCARY! When I got on that step, I cried and cried and waited for Mrs. Gibbs to pick me up and save me from the scary steps. She held me and told me that she believed in me. It made me feel so warm inside to know that someone believed in me. Can you think of someone who believes in you? Someone who believes in you is someone who cheers you on, just like Mrs. Gibbs does when I try to go up the steps! Well, with Mrs. Gibbs cheering me on, I finally have been able to go up the steps! Sometimes I still don't want to do it, but I know I can. I also know that it is so important to PERSEVERE and keep trying, even through something is so difficult. You never know, you may surprise yourself and be able to do it some day! Check out the video below of me finally running up the steps! I feel so proud of myself, and happy that I have people who believe in me. Take a moment today to think about the people who believe in you! Who is your cheerleader?

Now... going down the steps? That is still too scary for me... but I get closer and closer to taking that first step every day!

Love, Auggie

August 5th, 2018

Hello! It's me, Auggie! I am so excited to meet all of you.. boys and girls, parents, teachers and community members. Right now, I am just a tiny, sleepy, hungry puppy! My mom (Mrs. Gibbs) and Mrs. Willis picked me up on Saturday July 28th. I was scared to leave because I had to say goodbye to my dog mom and dog dad and puppy siblings. But mom and Mrs. Willis made me feel more comfortable and safe. I slept pretty much the whole way home (3 hours) to my mom's house in saratoga Springs. Since then, I have been having so much fun! Learning new smells, playing with my mom (and dad! Mrs. Gibbs' husband), sleeping, and eating. Growing is hard work, so I spend most of my day asleep, just like human babies do! Right now, my favorite toys are my red kong, my blue bone, and my purple squirrel. It's hard for me to sleep all the way through the night without waking up, but I am trying my hardest! My mom (Mrs. Gibbs) is very patient with me, and I really like waking up in the morning and playing with her. I am learning how to walk on a leash which isn't my most favorite activity, but my mom and dad make it enjoyable with treats. I cant wait to meet you all! I will be visiting Bell Top soon to see where I will be working every day. My mom will put more pictures on here about that visit. I am sure I will love it! Well, it's time for my lunch, so I've gotta go. Have a PAWsome day!

Love, Auggie