Mrs. Brown

PHS Science Teacher

Physics/ AP Physics 1 & 2/ Earth and Space Science

Helpful web pages:

Google Classroom - Clicking on the settings wheel will take you to the drive folders for each week.

AP Physics 1 class code: awfcvz

AP Physics 2 class code: igweo6

Physics class code: 12hei96

Earth and Space Science class code: ans4ixt

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Email me! I respond quickly, and with videos if necessary!!

J-1 Schedule

1st: Earth and Space Science

2nd: Physics/AP Physics 2

3rd: Physics/AP Physics 2

4th: AP Physics 1

5th: Prep

Office Hours

Wednesday 2:15-4:15

Thursday lunch-2pm

By appointment

Contact info:

530/677-2281 x2334