Year Two 2024

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This website will be used for Term outlines, Homework, Student of the Week notices and year level and class related matters. 

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Welcome To Term Two 2024!!!

A warm welcome to the start of term two! Anna, Ms. Teng and Mel Downes are all very excited to be back in action for what is sure to be a fun packed term!

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Term Two Overview

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Year 2 Specialist Timetable Term One

What's Happening In The Classroom


Students will continue to develop their fluency and comprehension skills through daily reading activities. Students will read a range of text types, focussing on various reading strategies. We are looking at incorporating parent helpers into our reading program on Mondays and Thursdays. If you are interested in volunteering please reach out to any of the classroom teachers.

Take Home Readers

It is very important that daily home reading becomes part of your child's routine. Please ensure that this is recorded in your child's student diary each day.


Students will continue to build on their skills within each stage of the writing process. In term two the students will build on the foundation skills of sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. They will create written pieces by building on familiar experiences and texts. We will have a particular focus on non-fiction writing. Students will be supported in re-reading and editing their own work for spelling, sentence boundary punctuation and text structure. Please note that at the completion of the unit, there will be an exhibition to showcase their work to their parents. Date to be confirmed. 


The Sounds-Write program will continue, focussing on the three main skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation. The linguistic phonic programme will be delivered daily. It teaches the skills, conceptual knowledge and code knowledge that are essential for learning to read and spell.


In Mathematics, students will take part in explicit teaching lessons, differentiated and open-ended activities.  

Term 2 topics include subtraction, measurement, geometry, time and data.


History in my Backyard - Students will investigate an historical building to discover what it reveals about Melbourne's past. They will examine the effect that changing perspectives and technology has on people's lives. Students will research how families, friends and communities commemorate past events that are important to them. As part of this investigation students will attend an excursion to Rippon Lea Estate entitled 'If These Walls Could Talk' to discover the significance of a historical site and what it can reveal about what life was like in Melbourne's past.


All Mixed Up - Students will participate in hands on investigations to discover how some materials do not mix well and how others can be difficult to separate. Students will explore how changing the quantities of materials can alter a mixture's properties and uses. 

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