Physical Education

Castlemaine North Primary School offers a Physical Education program for all grades with a specialist teacher. This takes the form of one session per week, in addition to games, sports and other outside activities that classroom teachers provide for their own class.

The focus of our P.E. program is inclusion and participation. Each student is catered for in an individual manner to contribute to the growth of others. Individual strengths and cooperation within the group are emphasised for our health, wellbeing and learning outcomes rather than competition.

We cover a broad range of physical activities and approaches to cater for different preferences, such as basic movement, ball handling skills, gymnastics, games, dance, yoga, tai chi, athletics, swimming, and bike education. Students are also challenged cognitively and emotionally through activities designed to develop our skills in coping, self-soothing, resilience, communication, creativity, safety and risk-taking.

When students begin at Castlemaine North, they are allocated a ‘House’ group (Blue: Cadel Evans, Green: Rod Laver, Red: Lauren Jackson, Yellow: Cathy Freeman) and we run ‘House’ carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming.

Castlemaine North provides additional opportunities for students. Some of these include:

  • Grades 3-6 - Inter-school netball, AFL, soccer, tennis, swimming, cross country, athletics and cricket competitions.

  • Prep-2 – Inter-school kickball and Tabloid activities.

  • Coaching clinics with AFL Victoria, Cricket Victoria, Orienteering Victoria, Tennis Victoria and other Sporting School Funding Affiliates