ICT Services Self Help for students

πŸ†• For new incoming students

See the For new students page. The following sections are on this page:

  • Log on to the Department of Education's WiFi network

  • Downloading various important applications

  • Digital Devices and Online Services User Agreement

πŸ–¨ Printing

See the Printing page

πŸ’ͺ ICT Life Hacks

This page presents the top life hacks with your ICT to

  • Supercharge your efficiency

  • Minimise downtime in the event of a computing disaster

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What does this symbol πŸ”– mean?

On this site, whenever you see this πŸ”– symbol next to a URL, ensure you bookmark it using your web browser to save yourself time.

πŸ” Which login name suffix do I use?

The suffix follows your firstname.lastname# (e.g. ben.chan14) alias

Most websites

  • @education.nsw.gov.au

e.g. ben.chan14@education.nsw.gov.au

DoE WiFi & Internet@Edge, School owned PCs, PaperCut MF printing

  • @detnsw

e.g. ben.chan14@detnsw


There are some rare exceptions where a suffix is not required. The Sentral Student Portal is one of such.

🏫 Why do some videos not play whilst at school?

Most of the recordings here are stored on YouTube, which means it may be blocked for some students.

Some of the videos can also be viewed here whilst at school. Look for the 🏫 (school) symbol. This backup method means the videos can only be played at 720p (a Google Drive limitation).