What are Quick Shots?

Join in LIVE to ask questions on focused STLP topics... or watch the recording at a time that works for you! Each Quick Shot is 20 minutes or less, to help keep you on track and not overloaded.  Sessions are online via Microsoft Teams meeting and held at 4:15 pm, Eastern Time. 

Upcoming 2023-2024 Quick Shots:

STLP State: All About the Challenge Categories

January 18, 2024 - 4:15p Eastern Time - MS Teams LIVE

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With STLP State registration deadlines looming, join us to learn about all the live Challenges available for students to compete in while in Lexington in March.  Challenges happen on site, in person, and are BYOD. A few new Challenges have been added for the 30th Anniversary year of STLP State. Jump to this quick session to join the Q&A.

STLP State: Level 2 Projects - What to Know

February 15, 2024 - 4:15p Eastern Time - MS Teams LIVE

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Congrats! Your project team made it through Level i in your district and Level 1 at Regionals. You've been working to develop your project from an idea into reality and now it's time to share the results and impact with judges at STLP State as a Level 2 Project. Join in and gain some insight on ways to prepare for the L2 presentation experience. We'll even hit on some tips for Level 3 judging (think positively... you're going to make it L3, right!). This session will focus on how to find your spot, what your presentation space will have available (and what you'll need to plan on bringing), as well as a short discussion on how to engage and interact with judges to make your project stand out. 

Preparing for STLP State: Pro-Tips and Logistics 

February 22, 2024 - 4:15p Eastern Time - MS Teams LIVE

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The STLP State Championship is the largest gathering of students, educators, volunteers, and spectators to celebrate learning with technology. With nearly 20,000 in attendance in 2023, planning ahead for the experience is a great way to alleviate stress around logistics so students can focus on showing what they know. Join this Quick Shot and benefit from valuable lessons learned by STLP Coaches from previous STLP State expereinces. We talk buses, parking, and food along with some tips for navigating Central Bank Center and Rupp Arena. Bringing students to STLP State represents a major investment in your time and resources...so let's make the most of it!

STLP State: Ask Us Anything w/Jeff and Matt

March 21, 2024 - 4:15p Eastern Time - MS Teams LIVE

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Only a few days before STLP State in Lexington and this is your opportunity to get your last minute questions answered. No presentation this Quick Shot, just a chance to get some quick answers from State Leads Jeff and Matt live via the Q&A chat window. 

Recent Quick Shots:

Focus On: CDA Registration Pro Tips & Tricks

Recorded November 16, 2023

Organizing and curating the myriad of Creative Digital Arts entries from your school can quickly become a daunting task...especially if it's last minute. With the CDA registration deadline a few weeks earlier than usual for 2023, utilizing the planning tools and getting some other tips & tricks will make the process easy-peasy(ish). Join Erin Waggoner as she leads the discussion on CDA registration.

Focus On: Level 1 Project Presentations 

Recorded November 9, 2023

With updates to the STLP Project Cycle Toolkit for 2023-2024, join our live session to learn about what to expect from Level 1 Project presentations (Progress Reports) and get some tips on how to prepare your teams for the best possible experience sharing their project with judges live online. 

Growing Great STLP Judges

Recorded October 26, 2023

STLP Judges are the backbone of our entire program. For every competition area an STLP enters, they are required to submit the name of a judge who will represent your school and provide kind, meaningful and thoughtful feedback to participants. Because judges are so vital, it's important to identifiy a judge who "gets" STLP and understands the mission to grow successful student experiences. To that end, let's talk about some ideas for growing great STLP judges in your school, district, and community.

Project Cycle Toolkit

Recorded October 19, 2023

Projects are an important part of STLP. New for 2023-2024, the STLP Project Cycle Toolkit is home to all the resources and rubrics your project teams will need to succeed. This session will highlight the new updates and fill you in on the Project timeline for this season.

STLP 101 for New Coaches

Recoreded October 5, 2023

Perfect for new STLP Coaches or leaders returning to the STLP role after some time away. We'll cover the basics of launcing STLP, look at how to get involved with the Big 3 Events, and get started with things you can do today with students (Level Up, STLP Supersheet, etc.).  

Welcome to Creative Digital Arts (formerly DPOJ) 

Recorded October 3, 2023 

Digital Product Online Judging (DPOJ) is a great way to engage students in STLP activities without ever having to leave your classroom. WIth new categores and rubrics for 2023-2024, this session will be a great kick off for every STLP Coach interested in incorporating DPOJ.

Archived Quick Shots

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