Missed your Awards Ceremony? Awards will be delivered to districts in coming weeks.


(1pm - 3pm) VIEW VIDEO BELOW

Something was missing. We weren't giving enough attention to the amazing digital products our STLP students were creating! Starting new for 2019, we're excited to announce that we will be holding the first ever Digital Product Award Ceremony on the main stage in Rupp Arena.

In the past, we awarded DPOJ winners during the evening Awards Ceremony, but we didn't have enough time to show their incredible creations. Now, thanks to the all digital judging of State DPOJ semi-finalists, we're able to present these awards in the manner they deserve.

Watch the Wall of Winners for announcements about who the finalists are for each Digital Product category. Then, come to the Main Stage in Rupp at 1pm for the Award Ceremony. All finalists will appear on the screens in Rupp for the world to see!

If you're competing in another area and cannot make it to the afternoon Award Ceremony, don't worry! You can pick your award at any time afterwards and you can watch the presentation via the archived video a few days later.

As with the evening Live Performance Award Ceremony, the Digital Product Award Ceremony will be webcast live at


(5pm - 7pm) VIEW VIDEO BELOW

We're excited to announce that Kentucky Education Television (KET) will be broadcasting the 2019 STLP Award Ceremony live on TV on the Kentucky Channel (check local listings for channel #).

We will go live at 5pm from the Main Stage in Rupp Arena.

Throughout the 2 hour program, we will recognize all the Service Team members, reveal the winners of all the 20 Live Performance competitions, and finally recognize the Best In Level 2 Group project team, the Top 10 Project Teams, the Dave Sigler Best Technical Projct team, and the Best Project In State K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Along the way, we'll hear from some distinguished guests, learn who are the KySTE STLP Scholarship recipients, and have a chance to thank those who help make STLP such a success!

At its core, STLP is about shining a bright spotlight on the amazing things Kentucky students are doing with technology, what they are creating through technology, and how they are helping their schools and community with the help of technology. The Award Ceremony is the our strongest opportunity to swing that spotlight around and focus it on your students. We know for many it's a long bus trip back home, but please, don't miss this chance to let them shine! They have earned it.

As with the Digital Product Award Ceremony, this event will also be webcast live (along with being on KET's Kentucky Channel) at