Internet Safety

First, a few words

Is the Internet safe for PYP students?

How much screen time should parents allow?

What are good/safe websites?

What the good/safe apps?

How do you use parenting settings?

And so many more questions!

There are no exact answers to these questions. The best answer from my perspective; Just be cautious.

The Internet is like a big city, it's like Bangkok; full of wonderful places and opportunities for learning but it's not safe everywhere. To keep children safe they should be supervised either physically or electronically when they are online.

That is not easy to do but hopefully this website will become a useful tool to help parents, educators and students finding the appropriate resources to enjoy the Web in the safest possible way.

If you navigate to our Resources page, from the top menu, you will find multiple sites and apps that we are using safely here at KIS and you can always see examples of what we are doing on my Blog.

But for now I would suggest that you start by exploring this Home page and please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions. Also if you as a parent have a great approach or system that you use with your own children, let us know with the Form on the left, this can be a platform for sharing.

Best regards

Eric Nadeau, ICT Facilitator

Our ICT agreement is inspired from Be Internet Awesome from Google which is connected to the G suite for Education that we use at KIS. The concept of safety is introduced through Interland. Watch the video below and play the game with your child to explore the kind of challenges they may face online.

Below is a video introducing Internet This website pulls together current information and guidance on Internet safety. It is a very useful and up to date resource for parents and educators. Watch the video and then take time to explore the Website; there is a lot of good advice on it.

Another great resource is Common Sense Media which offers information about safe websites and apps, Digital Citizenship and many other digital life concerns.

I do not like to advertise any products, and I don't make any profit from this, but if you want to have a better control over the wifi in your home Google Wifi is now available in Thailand from multiple retailers. It's easy enough to set up and you can personalize the internet time and access for multiple users.

Just a few links to help with devices Parental Controls. But be aware thats your child is very tech smart! And that there is always a way to go around those settings...