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Shmuel Gal


Address: Department of Statistics, University of Haifa

Haifa, Israel 31905

Tel: 972-4-8249004 Fax: 972-4-8253849

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Higher Education

  • 1962: M.Sc. with special distinction

Dept. of Math. Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Thesis: Stochastic Approximations.

Advisor: Prof. H. Kesten.

  • 1972 Ph.D. degree,

Dept. of Math., Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Dissertation: Minimax Solution for Certain Search Problems.

Advisor: Prof. A. Dvoretzky

Teaching and Research Experience

  • 1965-1973 Senior Mathematician, Israel Aircraft Industries.
  • 1970-1973 Instructor, Dept. of ,statistics, Tel Aviv University.
  • 1973-1975 Senior Lecturer (adjunct), Dept. of Statistics, University of Haifa.
  • 1977-1978 Visiting Scientist, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, N.Y., U.S.A.
  • 1980-1991 Adjunct Senior Teaching Fellow, Technion, Haifa, Israel.
  • 1973-1997 Research Staff Member and Program Manager Operations Research, IBM Israel Science and Technology.
  • 1995-1998 Chairman, Dept. of Statistics, University of Haifa.
  • 1994-present Professor, Dept. of Statistics, University of Haifa.

Prizes and Grants

  • 1968-1971 Received Ph.D. Grant from the Israeli Council for Research and Development.
  • The report "A Markovian Model for a Central Blood Bank" (joint with D. Chazan), won the Yoseph Levy prize granted by Israeli Operations Research Society, in January 1977.
  • 1984 - Received IBM Outstanding Innovation Award for devising new algorithms for the Elementary Functions.
  • 1992 - Received IBM Research Division Award for developing and analyzing the sequential sampling scheme for the new sorting method which combines Radix Sort and Codewords technique. A part of the work has been filed as Invention Disclosure UK8-91-0149.
  • 1995 - Received IBM Outstanding Innovation Award for devising a new algorithm for Sorting. A part of the work has been filed as Invention Disclosures UK9-94-037 and FR9-96-032.
  • 2000 - Distinguished Visitor STICERD (LSE).
  • 1999-2001 - NATO Grant PST.GLG.976391 (Rendezvous Search Theory).
  • 2009-2011 Principal investigator, NATO grant CBP.MD.CLG 983583 (Optimal Search in Networks)

Selected Publications


  • S. Gal, SEARCH GAMES, Academic Press, 1980, 216 P.
  • S. Gal (joint with S. Alpern) THE THEORY OF SEARCH GAMES AND RENDEZVOUS, Kluwer (now Springer) Academic Publishers, 2003, 319 P.

Papers (since 1988):

  • S. Alpern and S. Gal, "A Mixed Strategy Minimax Theorem without Compactness", SIAM J. Control and Optimization, Vol. 26,(1988) 1357-1361.
  • S. Gal, "Continuous Search Games", Chapter 3 of SEARCH THEORY: Some Recent Developments, D. V. Chudnovsky and G. V. Chudnovsky (eds.), Marvel Dekker, 1989, pp. 33-53.
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  • S Gal, S Alpern, J Casas - "Prey should hide more randomly when a predator attacks more persistently". Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 2015.

Book Chapters:

  • S. Gal, Strategies for Searching Graphs, in GRAPH THEORY, COMBINATORICS AND ALGORITHMS, M.C. Golumbic and I. Ben-Aroyo Hartman (ed), Springer 2005, 189-214.
  • S. Gal, Search Games-A review, in SEARCH THEORY: A GAME THEORETIC PERSPECTIVE. Steve Alpern, Robbert Fokkink, Leszek GaË›sieniec, Roy Lindelauf, VS Subrahmanian (eds), Springer 2013, 3-15.

Work in Process:

  • Search and Ambush games.
  • Search - Pursue games at discrete locations

Workshop at the Lorentz Center in Honor of the 10th anniversary of Alpern and Gal's monograph on Search and Rendezvous (1 - 4 May 2012)

Workshop at the Lorentz Center on Search Games Theory and Algorithms (27 June -1 July 2016)

Course on Search Problems

Courses on Dynamic Programming and Optimization

  • exercises in dynamic programming: dp.pdf
  • syllabus of the optimization course in Logistics:syllabus