This film competition is a chance for students ages 5-18 to get empowered, amplify their voices and flex their creative muscles.

The main goal of the festival is to empower student voice and agency. We hope this program gives students around the globe a chance and platform to share their perspectives with the world and embody the mindset that they don't have to wait until they grow up to make a difference - their ideas can impact people now.

Finalists will be invited to ISTE 2018 for the official celebration and screening on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

Students in grades K-12 are invited to create a 2-minute video responding to this year's theme:

"In Another's Shoes"

Note: Students are invited to interpret this theme as they see fit, so long as audience members can clearly understand how the theme is utilized in the film. We encourage you to be creative with this theme. Try to think beyond your first impressions of the theme and see if you can create a focus for a truly original film! Feel free to experiment with different mediums such as animation, puppetry, silent films, stop motion, etc!

Optional Submission Deadline for feedback: Wednesday, February 28 at 11:59pm PT*

*After receiving feedback, students will have an opportunity to resubmit by final deadline

FINAL FILM SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, April 9, 2018 at 11:59pm PT

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