Founders Uniform Dress Code

Good uniforms cultivate an atmosphere of studiousness and decorum, minimize distractions, and remind us that we are doing important work. In our appearance we show our opinions about ourselves, show respect for what we are doing, and respect for those with whom we spend our time. We dress up when we take something or someone seriously, and through our appearance we communicate that respect. Clothes can distract and prevent others from devoting their energy and attention to their schoolwork. Our goal is to minimize such distractions and to foster a healthy respect for school, for teachers, for fellow students, and for ourselves.

To that end, the school has worked to ensure that uniforms are dignified, durable, and affordable.

All students are required to be in their proper uniform whenever they are on campus before, during, and after the normal school day. If students are not in their proper uniform, they will not be allowed to attend class until the problem is fixed. In such a case, parents will be required to being correct uniform attire. A student who is repeatedly out of uniform will be disciplined.

The color and type of uniform pieces are determined by grade and what you are able to purchase for each grade level, as laid out in the website. Click on the "FCA Uniform Store Link" at the top of this page to see approved uniforms. The girls' skirt has been discontinued through the provider and is now to be ordered through Land's End. Click on the "Land's End Link" to find the skirts. Specific links are available in the "Skirts" section below.

All uniforms and sweaters should have the child’s name, written in sharpie, on the interior tag, or, in the case of the PE uniform, on the front name patch.


All students must wear standard uniform shirts according to their grade level. A white undershirt may be worn underneath. Shirts must be buttoned all the way up, except for the top button. Shirts must be tucked in, neatly, not bloused.


Young men and ladies may wear khaki uniform pants, which should be worn with a brown belt free of embellishment and may not be tight or form fitting. Pants should be worn at the waist; they should reach the shoe but not the ground.


Young men may wear khaki uniform shorts, which should be worn with a brown belt free of embellishment.


Girls (K-8th) may wear the Khaki below the knee uniform skirt from Land's End. Young ladies (9th-12th) may wear the Clear Blue Plaid or the Classic Navy below the knee skirt from Land's End.

Skirts must be worn with modesty shorts. The hem of the skirt should sit naturally at the knee cap or below (NOTE: In order to ensure parents get the proper size skirts, we recommend students try on the skirt, tuck in the shirt, adjust the skirt, and walk about briskly for a while without readjusting the skirt. Then take note of whether or not the skirt length is in compliance. Parents may want to consider buying a size up and getting the skirt tailored to ensure compliance.) Girls should wear white socks free of logos, or white or navy tights free of patterns with their skirt.


All socks must be solid white and free of logos.


Students should wear closed-toe, closed-heel, shoes of neutral color (navy, white, black, gray, brown), free from any other colors or distracting ornamentation. They may be dress or athletic shoes (athletic shoes must be worn during PE). Boots, crocks, moccasins, slippers, high heels, heelys/wheeled-shoes, game kicks, light-up shoes, high tops, etc., are not permitted.


The uniform cardigans are optional and must be ordered through the school vendor. Uniform cardigans are the only outerwear approved to be worn in the school buildings. Students may wear their non-uniform jackets to recess and should remove any non-uniform outerwear, including hats, jackets, etc., upon entering the school building. Please note, hoodies (with or without zippers) are not jackets and should not be worn on campus.

PE Uniforms:

All students, 6th grade and up, will be required to wear PE uniform for gym consisting of the shirt and shorts from the vendor designated by the school. PE uniforms are to be purchased in the school office.

General Appearance:

Fads in hairstyles, clothing, or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not allowed. Garments should be clean and free from tears, or excessive wear. No undergarments should be visible.


Hair should be clean and well groomed. Hair should not be worn so as to extend over the eyes. Words, symbols, and designs shaved into hair are not allowed. Hair styles for boys should not touch the collar of the shirt when the boy is standing, nor should it cover his ears, sideburns should be neatly trimmed, extending no longer than the bottom of the earlobe, and hair should not stand higher than 2 inches above the head. Boys must be clean-shaven. Unnatural hair coloring or streaking is not permitted. Excessive hairstyles (e.g., “mullets,” “designs,” “puffs,” “mohawks,” “fauxhawk/fohawk,” “weaves,” “extensions,” “sew-ins,” etc.) are not allowed.


All jewelry should be simple and undistracting. Girls may wear earrings that are simple studs. Girls may wear no more than one earring per ear. Boys may not wear piercings of any sort. No gauges may be worn in pierced ears, and students may not wear grills on teeth. Tongue rings and other visible body piercings, including nose and eyebrow rings, are not allowed.


Girls in grades 6 and up may wear makeup that is natural in appearance and not distracting. Students may not wear nail extensions; they may wear clear nail polish, free from glitter. Visible body tattoos and body art are not allowed. Students may not write or draw on themselves or each other.


The school is not responsible for parents ordering incorrect attire, or paying for unacceptable hairstyles; all students will be expected to comply with dress code norms. All determinations in question are made at the discretion of the headmaster, or his designee.

See below for examples of acceptable shoes.