Digital Citizenship & Screen Time

All web services used by teachers require a review before being shared with students

This includes a review of the Privacy Policies and Terms of Use. Student data security is a priority in the Edmonds School District

Parents are encouraged to supervise student use of Chromebook and the Internet

As a parent, there are tools and strategies you can use to manage Chromebooks or the Internet in your home

All Chromebook web traffic is filtered and parents can use SecURLy Parent Portal

Parents are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to set up SecURLy Parent Portal and to monitor and control their students' Internet use

Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?

  • Our online and personal conduct (similar to how we relate to people we know in real life)

  • The skills and knowledge needed to work in the digital world

  • Participating responsibly in social and civic activities

All students in the Edmonds School District receive lessons on Digital Citizenship from Common Sense Media's curriculum.

Common Sense Media logo

Families can use the Digital Citizenship Resources for the Home and find app reviews and articles on Common Sense Media

Screen Time Tips

  • Make your own family media use plan.

  • Pay attention to what your child is doing online.

  • Set limits and encourage unplugged play.

  • Screen time shouldn't always be alone time. 

  • Be a good role model.

  • Know the value of face-to-face communication.

  • Limit digital media for your youngest family members.

  • Create tech-free zones.

  • Don't use technology as an emotional pacifier.

  • Apps for kids – do YOUR homework.

  • It's OK for your teen to be online.

  • Warn children about the importance of privacy and the dangers of predators and sexting.

  • Remember: Kids will be kids.

From American Academy of Pediatrics. Full article