Canvas is the learning management system chosen by a committee of staff, students, community members, and Board of Education members. Canvas provides online and blended learning opportunities, and is web-based, meaning it can be accessed anywhere with Internet access at any time on any Internet enabled device. Canvas allows teachers to differentiate instruction to better meet student needs through instructional content, assessments, and daily work.

iPad Image

Using Canvas on the iPad

  • Look for the Canvas "app" that looks like the image to the left.

  • When it asks "Open in Chrome?," click "Open."

  • If you need help with your username/password, please contact your teacher.

  • If you do not see anything on your Dashboard when you log into Canvas, contact your teacher.

Canvas App & Canvas Webclip on iPads

Canvas app_webclip.pdf
Chromebook Image

Using Canvas on a Chromebook

How to Login:

  • Log into the Chromebook.

  • Open "Chrome."

  • Locate the "EPS Bookmarks" folder on the Bookmarks bar in Google Chrome. (top left in Google Chrome)

    • Click on "EPS Bookmarks."

  • Click on "Bookmarks"

  • Click on "Canvas."

Elementary Canvas:

Navigating Canvas on a Chromebook

Secondary Canvas:

Navigating Canvas on a Chromebook

Check here for answers to some of the problems you might run into!

Click here for information on setting up a Parent account.