What does START help with?


  • Log in assistance and password resets

NOTE: Password reset can also be done by ACS lab techs

  • Navigating and use of Canvas
  • How to create a discussion board
  • How to add a module
  • How to customize features


  • Log in assistance and password resets
  • EdMail set up and forwarding
  • How to create a signature
  • How to add a picture
  • Using Filters and Labels

Find EdMail Tutorials on the START Knowledge Base

Basic PC Operations

Student Wireless

  • How to connect to WiFi
  • Troubleshooting WiFi connectivity issues


  • Clearing your browser cookies or cache
  • Setting a home page
  • Navigating site (tips and tricks)

Operating Systems (OS) & Computer help

  • Assistance with college supported software downloads

NOTE: START does not supply software

  • How to create a new folder
  • How to save a file
  • Using a flash drive
  • How to clear browser history and reset cookies and cache

Google Apps / Google Drive


  • How to create an online digital portfolio
  • How to set up a Study Group site


  • Creating Google Documents, Spreadsheet or Presentations
  • Sharing Documents with classmates


  • Functions and features

Find Google Tutorials on the START Knowledge Base